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Remember those book flyers you d get in elementary school The ones you d take home and give to your parents with half the books circled and beg them to buy them for you Well, apparently my mom thought that Stephen King and Dean Koontz weren t appropriate reading material for a young girl, because she bought me some YA romance books out of some of those flyers When I saw a couple of those books from my childhood on the shelf at the local used book store, nostalgia got the better of me and I picked a couple of them up.They were even cheesier than I remembered But the trip down memory lane was kind of fun. [[ READ DOWNLOAD ]] ⇹ Megan (Sunfire, No 16) ↴ Amazing EPub, Megan Sunfire, No 16 Author Vivian Schurfranz This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Megan Sunfire, No 16 , Essay By Vivian Schurfranz Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You The character of Megan and the scrapes she gets into with the nasty Russian trappers gave this book a fun Perils of Pauline feel to it, when it wasn t being bogged down by Schurfranz s annoying tendency to have her heroes be either grunting cavemen or sunny Pollyannas The fisher Ivan seems to be a mix of the two, which is some variety from her usual fare, but still not that endearing Also, this book was a bit slight on the history atmosphere, which is Schurfranz strength So overall a bit below the average Still a fast read, though. I loved, loved, LOVED the Sunfire historical romances when I was a pre teen Surprised that the public library still carried this, I tried reading it for old time s sake So Unbelievably Awful Ah, misspent youth Rereading my way through the Sunfire series, in publication order MEGAN was one of the few Sunfires that I owned most I got from the library and I remembered it being a favorite Either I remembered it with a fondness not warranted or my tastes have really changed Many of my other Sunfire favorites have held up despite the years, so I m going to go with the former.Megan and her family arrive in Sitka the day before the United States takes ownership of Alaska in 1867 Be warned though the first page tells you it is 1867, the author doesn t wish to burden you with having to remember such details and conveniently writes the book as though it could be set in any time familiar to you With Megan s references to going out with her boyfriends and babysitting she could be just any regular teenager girl History is boring Anyway, they arrive at a tumultuous time Her dad is the new Director of Internal Affairs, a position that is never fully explained apart from having something to do with rules, regulations, and taxes and pissing off each and every fur trapper Instead of doing whatever the wife of a government official does, her mom works full time in a hospital and asks Megan to get the salmon started for dinner And Megan does have time to get the salmon started, though it s surprising, given her busy schedule of school, tutoring, dates, making friends with the natives, inciting fights between men, matchmaking, accidentally getting kidnapped, overhearing drunken confessions, setting crooked shop owners on the straight and narrow First off, so many exclamation points Megan had so much to be excited about She s beautiful as she and everyone she meets constantly remind us She s brilliant within two minutes of meeting Megan, the local teacher assigns her to tutor the handsome Ivan and various other students She is the kindest and most tolerant person in Sitka and, by the end, is singlehandedly able to convince everyone to Just Get Along Seriously, though, I could ve done with about 1 20th the number of exclamation points.It isn t her relationships that are exciting In true Schurfranz style, the heroine is in a tizzy over her decision between a basically nice guy and one who is so clearly an asshole but he s a great kisser and says nice things about her eyes Adam is possessive, intolerant, and has a tendency to punch other guys who come near her, without asking what she thinks And she just shakes her head with an, Oh, Adam, you, and finds herself swooning under his gaze again Never for a moment does the reader think she s going to go with the belligerent Adam, but Megan spends way too long trying to decide that as Adam refuses to let her make her own decisions.Really, the most exciting thing that happens to Megan is getting kidnapped by the two absolutely worst bad guys in Alaska They re fur trappers unhappy at the new sanctions being put in place by the Director and want to use Megan to get their hands on the trade report being sent to Washington Their grand scheme Step 1 Steal the girl s dog and tie him up outside of your remote, unknown cabin, then wait inside drinking whiskey and hoping that she accidentally stumbles upon it Step 2 Put the girl and the dog in a room with a pile of furs and a window Step 3 Loudly confess how you were behind the vicious beating of a local man Give plenty of incriminating details Step 4 Loudly explain how you re marking the cards for an upcoming poker game Step 5 Don t check on the girl and instead go to sleep She ll still be there in the morning Though I remember reading MEGAN fondly, I think it was for the details of life in Alaska I remember Tanaka serving her seal blood soup and Alaskan ice cream I always looked for a lot of historical detail and a nuanced love triangle, neither of which were found in MEGAN Not all that recommended. Uh oh, it s a Schurfranz At least it s short Well, here goesNot quite as bad as I was expecting Sure, Megan is the most perfect snowflake ever seriously villains and mean girls don t stand a chance in the face of her perfect perfectness suspension of disbelief is extremely mandatory Megan is qualified to teach school because she sread a book and instalove runs rampant one character decides she s his twue lurrve after about a half hour in her company Plus, to be honest, I was kind of rooting for the wolverine But it was still fun in a batshit crazy kind of way 2.5 stars from me. I first read this book when I was 8, maybe 9 Sometime around the time I was in 4th grade, it was was of the books my teacher had in the room for us to borrow It was the first romance book I can remember reading, and also one of the very few, non Tamora Pierce books, that I can read 20 years after the first time I read it and still enjoy it I m impressed that my memory of the storyline is remarkably accurate after all this time I finally two weeks ago was able to find it, after a surprisingly long google search , given that all I could remember was Alaska at time of US takeover and a conflict between a young Russian guy and a young American guy over the lead female character. Waxing Nostalgic I know that I read these books as a youth, a young and impressionable teenage girl I certainly hope that I was not influenced by the drivel that is this writer I cringed when I read that Megan forgave her boyfriend of his indiscretions when she looked at his handsome face or when he gave her a kiss All his sins were forgotten I do not think that there was much historical accuracy and I also cringed when Megan would interact with the Tinglit people Such superior white people writing No young impressionable girl should read this. The watered down Russian character who kept running around saying Da all the time was a horrible historical representation of Russian immigrants in the Alaskan Frontier Even in middle school, the fact that the only Russian this character said was yes felt a bit canned Otherwise, like the other Sunfire Romances, this was a fun read. Man, I loved these books when I was a teenager I reread with a bit of trepidation, and was pleasantly surprised Somewhat simplistic, yes, but still clean and optimistic I m going to have fun rereading of these.