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[Free Kindle] ♭ The Unlikely Wife ☦

The cover and title, as well as the blurb on the back cover of THE UNLIKELY WIFE by DEBRA ULLRICK, intrigued me I m a sucker for historicals, and love the mail order bride concept This was my first read by this author, and I was pleasantly surprised Right away I was swept away by the well thought out characters and the predicament they were placed in When Michael Bowen s wife by proxy arrives by train, he s than a little set off To say the least, she s nothing like the woman Selina Farleigh Bowen s letters suggested she was Wearing a pair of men s trousers, Selina is instantly looked upon as an outcast including from the man she married, sight unseen It becomes increasingly obvious he s in love with another woman the woman who wrote Selina s letter to Michael, her best friend, Aimee A stubborn woman who s comfortable in her own skin, Selina refused to change for no man That is until worry over losing the man she loves threatens to consume her Will Michael ever learn to love a woman that didn t fit his image of the perfect wife, and learn the true meaning of love In reading THE UNLIKELY WIFE, I was introduced to Haydon and Raniee Bowman Both characters stories spiked my interest I ll be placing an order in the future for THE UNEXPECTED BRIDE, to unravel their tale. My first favorite book for 2012 Well, I ve found my first favorite book for 2012 This story was fantastic It warmed my heart and thrilled that emotional part of me that enjoys a smoking romance I love mail order bride types of stories anyway, but this one was better than most There were so many heart warming moments that I lost count There were also great references to the scriptures and to what marriage should be like I felt inspiration for my own marriage, and that doesn t happen with Love Inspired novels sorry, but it s true I tend to love historical fiction, but not LI fiction, yet this story made me want to read in this genre In fact, I think this is my favorite LI novel ever The plot and pacing were excellent, the story was full of great tension and believable emotion, and the hero and heroine shared the yummiest kisses I ve ever read in a LI book My heart melted every time they kissed I felt the love and was inspired by it Seriously Bottom lineDebra Ullrick outdid herself on this one And I loved the fact that I also got to see Rainee and Haydon again from the first book, The Unexpected Bride I enjoyed that story, too, but I absolutely adored this one Selena was the most unique and lovable heroine that I ve read in a long time I fell in love with Michael as he fell in love with Selena I really can t believe how good this book was but then again, I can Debra is a talented writer and this story should be on everyone s must read list for 2012 If you love heart warming historical romances that contain strong spiritual threads and great romantic tension and if you don t mind shedding a tear or two, or three or four then you ll love this book I guarantee it [Free Kindle] ⚆ The Unlikely Wife ♽ The Arrival Of Michael Bowen S Bride, Married Sight Unseen By Proxy, Sends The Rancher Reeling With Her Trousers, Cowboy Hat And Rifle, She Looks Like A Female Outlaw Not The Genteel Lady He Corresponded With For Months He S Been Hoodwinked Into Marriage With The Wrong Woman Selina Farleigh Bowen Loved Michael S Letters, Even If She Couldn T Read Them Herself A Friend Read Them To Her, And Wrote Her Replies But Apparently That Friend Left Things Out, Like Michael S Dream Of A Wife Who Was Nothing Like Her Selina Won T Change Who She Is, Not Even For The Man She Loves Yet Time Might Show Michael The True Value Of His Unlikely Wife The Unlikely Wife is the second book in the Bowen series I ve previously read the third book and loved it, so I was looking forward to this one I didn t like the MC She seemed too stubborn and really irritated me at times I did like how the book started out in an interesting way All in all, The Unlikely Wife was okay Disclosure of Material Connection I received one or of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention review it on my blog I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion which I ve done All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. A good message about not judging a book by its cover Sweet, light read. She isn t what he expects, but might she be what he needs The Unlikely Wife is a real gem I loved Selina heart and soul She is a woman who has grown up in extreme poverty with almost no education and yet finds the joy in things and people most others can t or won t She has a heart of gold I ached for her when Michael initially rebuffed her I cried along with her when he broke her heart I still don t think he deserved her.The moral of this story is twofold and spoke to my own heart that outward appearances are only a part of a person, and that God answers our prayers, even when He doesn t answer our prayers the way we think He should have His ways and plans are unfailing, even if we cannot understand them 4.5 stars simply because I didn t feel Michael did enough to deserve this wonderful woman. The idea intrigued me enough I was willing to read it even though I knew it would have some preachy bits in it because it s Love Inspired However it didn t take long to see that though both Michael and Selina have preconceived notions about others, Selina quickly learns not all rich people are snobs and soon makes friends in her new community while Michael can t see beyond her outer appearance, the way she talks, and her culture.He wants it his way He s the husband so what he says goes insert eye roll This is frustrating for Selina who has essentially been the parent caretaker adult in her family for over a decade She is suddenly being treated like a child and being told she must change who she is She already feels inferior when she discovers her friend Aimee who helped write the letters to Michael did than stretch the truth about her I like Selina and she is strong and smart in so many ways, she knows how to doctor people and deliver babies She however is in love with Michael, having fallen in love with him through his letters so she wants to please and works hard to do so even as she stands her ground in some ways reminding him she s perfect just the way God made her, same as she tells their nieces , she begins to wear dresses and only wears pants when doing chores Multiples times she stays up all night to take care of the sick, do chores, fix Michael his breakfast then start on the next days chores but Michael still has little accommodation for her He s constantly insulting her in small snide remarks, even if he says them with a laugh, or the food she cooks that to her is perfectly normal he is disgusted by instead of being thankful she cooked him dinner She even says to him at one point did you think that maybe I like it That I miss it and he admits to himself that no he didn t.That s the constant through the book He is always focused on himself, his past, what he wanted in a wife and not what her expectations were.Too shallow and judgmental for my taste not to mention no growth for our hero.The dialogue most of the time sounded like it was written by a twelve year old and not a professional author as well It was severely lacking I wouldn t recommend it.P.S the constantly referring to the matriarch as Mother is straight out of a horror movie Can we say Flowers in The Attic It was time for a Western, and I happened to have a Luv Inspired Actually, I wanted a fell in love thru letters book This wasn t what I was hoping This was a mail Order Annie Oakley book.Michael is a prissy, rich rancher boy who wants a lady for a wife Selena is an Annie Oakley type who can t read or write, fixes crawdad tails, snake, and possum stew for supper Her ladylike friend corresponded on her behalf, and painted a very WRONG picture of Selena for Michael They married by proxy, and when she showed up after well.I didn t care for the book First, the cliches were over the top Second, Michael s godliness was a major turn off very My way than God s way , while Selena s was non existent The whole book, she s either a spoof of the Kentucky backwoods hick or she s trying to change herself to make Michael happy Both grated on me.I wasn t fond of any part of this. Selina the hillbilly Cinderelly from Kentucky and Michael the Prince Charming with his head up his arse Selina cannot read or write as she was too busy helping her pa and siblings after her mother died So she gets her friend Aimee to correspond with the farmer who is looking for a mail order bride from the South Only Aimee embellishes quite a bit and leaves other stuff out Like how Selina in no way resembles outwardly the kind of bride Michael has in mind Someone exactly like his sister in law, Rainee.Once Selina shows up in trousers slinging a rifle , things get off to a rocky start Selina is a straight shooter and Michael is a basically nice guy so they decide to make the best of it But Michael is a little slow on the uptake and gosh darned if Selina don t jabber on like a Hillbilly Ain t I wonderin iffin the whole darn state of Kentuckee be writin this here fool author bout hows they think shes dun full of possum Sh t So I have to say although it s a decent play at the lower class gal teaching the upper class guy a thing or two about moral values and truth in love, it got tiresome Between her talking like a reject from the Beverley Hillbillies and all the preachy faith in God rather than using logic to come to your own decision in ANYthing Well I guess I skimmed quite a bit. This started out promising, but lost me along the way To be honest, I just didn t like Selina I really wanted to and I tried, but she just annoyed me I was hoping to see character growth with both Selina and Michael, but there was none I didn t like how Selina was clinging to her old ways so fiercely and I got tired of how she would act like putting on a dress would somehow fundamentally change her personality I wish she would have seen that she could be herself in pants or a dress I hated how she would force her views on Michael and not show respect for his feelings like continually bringing animals in the house or making him weird food I didn t like the message that his feelings were not as important as hers I support her wanting to help animals, but show respect for your husband and your new house and work out a compromise with him She is adverse to any change although she does desire to learn to read and I wish she would have approached her new life with a better attitude Learning to read, speak well, dress well would only enhance her personality, not make her worse I think its always good to try and better ourselves and not settle I felt like she was settling I appreciate the characters who liked her as she was , but I also thought that mentality was holding her back About halfway through when I saw that neither was really growing and things started feeling repetitive I lost interest and just skimmed the rest I liked the plot, I love mail order bride stories In this case Selina s best friend fibbed in the letters and portrayed Selina as something totally different than she was Marrying sight unseen, Michael is stunned when he picked her up at the train station I liked the idea of these two people coming together from totally different backgrounds and life experiences The execution for me just feel flat in this one I know others enjoyed it, so maybe it was just me ContentRomance Clean Handful of kissing and a lot of thinking about wanting a real marriage Religious Heavy