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King James, a freed former slave kills a Blackbirder, the captain of a slave ship filled with the dead and dying James goes on the run knowing he is going to be hanged if caught Suspenseful and accurate historical fiction of the early 18th Century. The Blackbirder deals with a difficult subject It s not easy to depict slavery in a historically accurate manner that will also sit right with modern rationality and morality While I admit that I m just a white dude , this book seemed to straddle that divide well There are disreputable African villains, and there are glorious acts of African heroism In short, the slaves and potential slaves are treated like real people who are being treated extremely inhumanly.While this lone adventure obviously doesn t abolish the disgusting practice of slavery, the heroes do their tiny part to save who they can. FREE DOWNLOAD ♶ The Blackbirder (Brethren of the Coast, #2) ♊ In A Blind Rage, King James, Ex Slave And Now Marlowe S Comrade In Arms, Slaughters The Crew Of A Slave Ship And Makes Himself The Most Wanted Man In Virginia The Governor Gives Marlowe A Choice Hunt James Down And Bring Him Back To Hang Or Lose Everything Marlowe Has Built For Himself And His Wife, ElizabethMarlowe Sets Out In Pursuit Of The Ex Slave Turned Pirate, Struggling To Maintain Control Over His Crew Rough Privateers Who Care Only For Plunder And Following James S Trail Of Destruction But Marlowe Is Not James S Only Threat, As Factions Aboard James S Own Ship Vie For Control And Betrayal Stalks Him To The Shores Of Africa 3.5 starsThis book was slower paced than from the first book Also, there was a kind of a repetitive theme from the first book here Again, we have another character who hates blacks and to add insult to injury the free slaves of the Marlowe plantation Elizabeth has to hold off attempts to have the free slaves of her plantation from being illegally arrested while Marlowe is out chasing down King James for killing an officer of a slave ship King James, who knows he has screwed up in a major way, is trying to guild the ship of slaves back to Africa He is confronted with a man on the ship with an agenda of his own.The story, as historical fiction, highlights the fear the colonists had of an uprising of the slaves against them This fear only fuels the racism between white and black people of the times In contrast, aboard ships at sea the racism is less and nearly nearly nonexistent among pirates At sea, each man is his brother s keeper regardless of the color of his skin Apragmatic view of life As in many writings, plight of the African people on slave ships is not glossed over here The horrible conditions cost many their lives and left emotional scars on the survivors.Overall, great story I picked this up in a charity shop it looked like a swashbuckler , which isn t my usual genre, but suffice to say that when I realised it was the 2nd in a series, I instantly bought books 1 3 am planning to read some of his other books as soon as I ve whittled down my pile of unread books and reduced the Kindle list One of my favourite books, have read this at least three times, it s so full of adventure In fact, I think it would make a marvellous film The author has created a wonderful character in Marlowe and I also fell in love with Billy Bird Elizabeth isn t your run of the mill oh woah is me, I m a helpless woman , she has spunk is clever and loves her husband dearly I could go on and on If you want piracy, adventure and moments where you want to throw something at the mean characters then this is the book for you. It seems that you can t toss a brick these days without hitting some kind of pirate reference especially in children s books and tv , except in the world of fiction James L Nelson set out to change that with his Brethren of the Coast series.http 2006 An excellent story and by all estimation thoroughly researched The chief weakness is the characterisation, which I found a little unconvincing However this is a thoroughly enjoyable read, and the author certainly knows his period and his subject very well. Unlike the first book, the main conflict in this one is set up within the first three chapters The events which cause King James to go on the run are described immediately, and the implications of his actions are fully understood by the other characters and the reader As a result, the book starts on a high note, and the momentum only continues to gain The stakes grow as King James situation only becomes worse and worse, with enemies all around him, and not just those that would see him hang for his original crimes Likewise, Marlowe must deal with problems of his own as he tracks down James.What sets this book apart is Elizabeth s major role in it There are really three plots happening at once, one with James at its center, one with Marlowe, and one with Elizabeth as she must go on a journey of her own to save Marlowe House in her husband s absence I enjoyed reading her perspective, and it was nice to get to know her , especially since she only played a minor role in the first book.I would have liked to seedevelopments with the relationship between Marlowe and Bickerstaff The first book explained how they met and everything, but I wanted to see their relationship grow or lessen I just wanted it to bedynamic It felt rather flat I have a feeling my wish will be granted in the third book, and I hope I m not wrong.This was a quick read and I could not put it down A suitable sequel to The Guardship, with King James at the forefront You ll learnabout him as he takes the reigns in this book You won t be disappointed. A quick and enjoyable read James L Nelson doesn t pull any punches when he depicts slavery in the colonies near the turn of the 18th century You get a diverse perspective of that horrific institution from the slaves to the white masters and then to the tribal viewpoint of blacks who sold other blacks into slavery As interesting as the slavery aspect was the strength of this book and the series was the seafaring action I enjoyed the character Billy Bird, a sort of Capt Jack Sparrow rascal Another thing I noted was that Mr Nelson does not take the easy way out I saw a path for a totally happy ending, but Mr Nelson wasrealistic and it was well done Overall, I think I liked itthat the first of the series, The Guardship.