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This installment is terrific I loved Allie and Zay and enjoyed their many trials and tribulations I will continue reading this series. 3.5 @DOWNLOAD PDF Ø Magic In the Blood (Allie Beckstrom, #2) í In The Second Book In Devon Monk S Allie Beckstrom Series, When The Police S Magical Enforcement Division Asks Allie To Consult On A Missing Persons Case, She Finds Herself Drawn Into An Underworld Of Criminals, Ghosts, And Blood MagicWorking As A Hound Tracing Illegal Spells Back To Their Casters Has Taken Its Goll On Allison Beckstrom But Even Though Magic Has Given Her Migraines And Stolen Her Recent Memory, Allie Isn T About To Quit Then The Police S Magic Enforcement Division Asks Her To Consult On A Missing Persons Case But What Seems To Be A Straightforward Job Turns Out To Be Anything But, As Allie Finds Herself Drawn Into The Underworld Of Criminals, Ghosts, And Blood Magic I complain sometimes about urban fantasy heroines who keep racking up and improbable powers over the course of a series, eventually becoming such spectacular demigoddesses that it would take a small army to give them so much as a black eye.That s one problem Allie Beckstrom doesn t have I m beginning to think Allie needspowers to deal with everything Devon Monk is throwing at her Monk is great maybe a little too great at describing the agony of trekking all over Portland in the rain with a blinding migraine, and by the time I d followed Allie through this ordeal a couple of times, I found myself wishing she d start trusting Zayvion again just so he could Ground her Magic in the Blood begins as Allie is recovering from the events that took place in Magic to the Bone The reader remembers everything that happened, but as a result of a magical backlash, Allie doesn t Specifically, she doesn t remember much about her relationship with Zayvion The fragile trust that had just been developing between Allie and Zayvion is in a shambles now, and she s back at square one, trying to figure out whether to let him back into her life She also doesn t remember meeting her stepmother, Violet An aside I m beginning to think Violet is my favorite character in this series I d love to see of her If Devon Monk were to write a spin off book telling Violet s story, I d be in bookworm heaven I d love to get inside her head Further complicating Allie s life, she is being threatened by a crime boss just released from prison, haunted by the ghost of her dead father, and stalked by a horde of terrifying beings who are drawn to the magic she carries in her body Every time Allie uses magic, she attracts these creatures, and has to use magic to fight them off As a result, she spends most of Magic in the Blood suffering from one magic induced ailment after another.The principal villain of Magic in the Blood is truly creepy This character has mastered a horrific magical art, and to make things worse, it s such an obscure skill that everyone thinks Allie is hallucinating when she describes what s going on I did figure out pretty quickly that this character was bad news, but I wasn t able to put all the pieces together until Allie did Magic in the Blood didn t grab me quite as insistently as Magic to the Bone did When I try to put my finger on why, I think maybe it s just that it feels like Blood is treading some of the same ground again, both in terms of the romantic subplot and in terms of the sequences in which Allie travels around the city while feeling ill I think this retread feeling was probably inevitable, though, given Allie s amnesia and the way magic works in Monk s world.I look forward to seeing what happens in the next ALLIE BECKSTROM novel Allie s growing alliances with other Hounds promise to be interesting as long as she writes them down and makes sure to remember them , and I always enjoy an urban fantasy heroine who develops friendships as her story progresses rather than becoming standoffish And the cliffhanger ending I can t wait to find out where this is going Read this and my review of Magic to the Bone at FanLit.net For me, this book was frustrating to review and read, especially the first third of this book Allison, is still suffering the effects of losing 3 weeks of her memories from the events in Magic to the Bone That includes all memories of her so called love entanglement with the mysterious Zavyion Jones, who, like it or not, I don t trust How can we The story is told in the POV of Allison, and not the other characters in the book I don t even trust her fathers newest wife 6 to have her best interests at heart.Second Allison is supposingly a power magic user and yet, she fails to protect herself when Lon Trager, kinpin of drugs and blood magic stabs a needle in her leg, and draws her blood Then demands that she show up with another hound named Pike I mean, really She also finds herself hounded by shadow people who steal her magic I mean, really I want to see her kick some major evil, and come away without being admitted to the hospital each and every time.Third, the fact that her father is in her head, and may or may not be using her for his own good, is disturbing on many levels Of course, the ending of this book was exactly as I expected to be after I read the blurb for the next book in the series.Next, like some of the other reviewers, I m tired of the memory loss angle The fact that Allie can t seem to remember pretty much the whole first book makes me wonder why I even bother reading it Also, Monk left some dangling threads from the previous story that was never picked up in the 2nd book Can we hope that these threads are closed in the next book Another good one I have to stop myself after this one or I ll devour the whole series in one go and that would be bad.In the world of this series magic has been discovered and harnessed and is sold like a utility Anyone can use it if they ve got the means to buy it or they only use it for tiny things It also demands a secondary price for itself, giving the user a fever, headache, pain, even blackouts in the aftermath of its use It s an interesting world Set in Portland, Oregon, Devon Monk s Allie Beckstrom series is similar to other kick ass female magic user series and, IMO, just as good Allie is a likable character that I root for and the love interest is swoony and frustrating like the best of UF love interests He s not the typical alpha, which is nice, although no one could ever call him beta Zayvion Jones is unique.In this installment, Allie is coming back from recuperating from a magic induced coma She s lost her memories of a few weeks, and she needs money A lot has happened to her that she doesn t remember The memory loss is a major element of the story and I m not sure I m going to continue to like it I m not sure it can be dealt with as realistically as an element like that needs to be For instance, her journal is vague and spotty If I were losing my memories at random times, I would be as thorough and specific as possible It s pointless to have some little tidbit that doesn t go into detail So I get frustrated with the heroine because I think she s not putting the effort into being effective This is another good reason to take a break because I ll start thinking about that aspect too much.Overall this is as enjoyable as Ilona Andrews or Patricia Briggs, for me I m only two books in, and I m hoping the world continues to build and become specific for me I want to understand how magic is used particularly as a weapon as we go along I think we ll get there, and I m looking forward to enjoying the ride. 4.5 Stars In this second installment to the series, the readers are given a deeper look into the world of magic, it s consequences, and the impact on life and death Allie learns to navigate the dangerous waters of dark magic or blood magic while combatting her personal demons, ghostly apparitions, and dangerous criminals Devon Monk creates a unique and fascinating world for these complex characters to navigate and thrive I truly enjoyed this read from start to finish looking forward to continuing with this exhilarating series hmmm, still really like the magic system in this Felt less complete than book 1 Guess with 7 books to go you can t let the story develop too far Still will probably continue on to the next book. OK I m in This second book in the Allie Beckstrom series has solidified my investment in these stories, and I know I am definitely going to keep reading If you haven t read book one, you need to start there, and be warned, there are spoilers for that book ahead.We begin with the premise from that surprising revelation at the end of Magic To the Bone Allie remembers nothing from the events of that book I suppose that could be annoying to some readers, but for me, I feel like that device gives us some real insight This is primarily in how the characters react to information we know that Allie doesn t And it shows us a lot about Allie s instincts and how she reacts when she has a blank slate to people and events we have seen before.My big draw continues to be the series love interest, Zayvion I think his carefulness with Allie speaks volumes about how he feels for her, even though he is clearly a man of secrets He cares about her He wants her And even if she doesn t remember why, her physical and emotional responses to him are real I wanted of them in this book I want of them now.As I mentioned in the last review, this world is dark It actually gets even darker this go around As Allie works to help police solve a case of some missing girls, an old enemy has resurfaced, threatening her life And if that wasn t bad enough, her father s ghost is reaching out from the grave I kept thinking that her dad couldn t possibly be as bad as Allie thought, but wow, I was very wrong there Add to that, attacks from spirits, the misery from the price of magic, a creepy neighbor, and cold rain that seems to keep Allie soaked and miserable, and you scratch the surface of what our heroine has to endure over the course of the book Plus, of course, those pesky bouts of amnesia She has no idea who she can trust, including herself And as readers, who don t know much than she does only the truths we learned in book 1.There are times I feel like the book lingers on Allie s physical discomforts, but I guess it would be easy to forget that she is in constant pain otherwise I also kind of wish we could see her catch just a little bit of a break I am a little weary just reading about the unceasing barrage of misery Plus, I don t trust that stepmother Once again, though, I ended this book raring to pick up the next one Devon Monk leaves us with a doozy of a gamechanger for Allie once again And I, for one, am not ready to get off this ride.Now, if Allie will only get herself a raincoat Rating B A freaky ending, an interesting magic system, and mysterious societies lurking on the fringe have convinced me to read the third book But, I have my reservations It s hard to pin down how I feel about Ms Beckstrom I don t dislike her, but I m not particularly attached to her either Combine that with paragraph after paragraph of tedious detail and this isn t a series I m excited about I can t tell you how tired I am of reading the same phrasing to describe Allie s magic I got it the first time Though I very much appreciate magic s taxation on the user, I feel there must be some way to make the repercussions clear without wading through a frequent laundry list of symptoms Also, how many times did I have to read about the girl showering I don t need to to soap up with her every darn time The suspense aspect was good, but it s damaged by Allie s stubborn attitude and her tendency to jump thoughtlessly into danger For such a suspicious person, she isn t very cautious Changes take place in this installment the nature of which make me hopeful for answers and character progression There are a lot of unique areas to explore in Allie s world, if only the author would tighten her pacing and reign in the details I think the third will be the deciding factor in whether or not I become a real fan.