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PDF ⚟ Die Kelten Ù THE CELTS Is The Year Epic Story Of The North European Civilization That Rivaled Greece And Rome For Richness, Diversity And Power Originating With Fierce Naked Warriors Who Collected Enemy Heads As War Trophies, The Celts Eventually Made Their Influence Felt From The Middle East To The Atlantic, Bringing With Them A Unique Culture And Mythology, And A Style Of Art Considered The Greatest Achievement North Of The Alps After The Ice Age The Romans Called Them Furor Celticus And At The Height Of Their Empire Ankara, Cologne, Belgrade And Milan All Spoke Celtish THE CELTS Is The Remarkable Story Of Our North European Cultural Ancestors, Whose Language Is Still Spoken By Than Two Million People In Brittany, Scotland, Ireland And Wales I read this a long time ago in a galaxy far away My first vision of the celts, and this book set the stage for my way of looking at the Dorian Greeks, who were probably celts. Picked this up in Arnold, CA for a friend of Irish descent in Santa Rosa, then, having read a bit of it before handing it off, found my own copy at Heirloom Books in Chicago I d been impressed by, first, the fluidity of the translation and by, second, the lively beginning of its first chapter Long interested in classical and Hebrew antiquity, therefore acquainted with the Celts, I d been interested in learning just how barbaric they were after reading Caesar s Gallic Wars in high school Latin class.Well, they were and they weren t The Celts spanned much of Europe over the centuries Their descendants and elements of their culture endure in modern Wales and Ireland wherewith Herm ends his account Even in antiquity they forged their own weapons, minted their own coins, traded with the civilizations to the south.My complaints pertain most to the very vastness of the Celtic phenomenon, Herm attempting to cover all bases linguistic, archaeological, historical, literary, religious etc in less than 300 pages It s too much and gave me no clear sense of the variation between the tribes or over the centuries However, as an introduction to a large topic it serves perhaps as well as it might. So interessant kann Geschichtsunterricht seinDie Kelten haben die europ ische Geschichte entscheidend mitbestimmt schlie lich haben sie einst sogar Rom erobert dennoch ist das Wissen ber diese Volk sehr l ckenhaft das liegt wohl daran, dass Geschichte immer schon von Siegern geschrieben wurde Dennoch gelingt es Gerhard Herm mit diesem Werk, das Volk wieder erstehen zu lassen und uns sehr viel scheinbar verlorenes Wissen wieder zu vermitteln.Herm l sst kaum ein Thema aus So schreibt er ber Theorien ber die Herkunft der Kelten, ber deren Sozialsystem, ber ihre Kriege, ihre Kunst, ihren Beitrag zur europ ischen Entwicklung, ihr Leben auf den britischen Inseln und da d rfen dann nat rlich Artus und Merlin auch nicht fehlen.Die ausgezeichnete Recherche allein reicht aber nat rlich nicht um sich f nf Sterne zu verdienen dazu ist es auch n tig den Stoff interessant und kurzweilig aufzubereiten Genau dies allerdings gelingt dem Autor ausgezeichnet In einem wunderbar packenden Stil werden Fakten pr sentiert, ohne jemals trocken oder gar unverst ndlich zu werden Wenn Sie schon immer etwas ber die Kelten erfahren wollten, dann ist dieses wohl das Buch der Wahl. This book was a major letdown, and I did not read it all First of all, through the first three chapters or so, I kept wondering when the book would be about the Celts There was a chapter about Romans, another one on Greeks, and then another one apparently about Atlantis, but there really wasn t much on Atlantis in there anyway Sure, I know that the Romans and the Celts history are intertwined But I have to say that I really don t care how the Romans think the Celts lived I want to know what archaeologists have to say about how the Celts lived This book wasn t it.That and some of the paragraphs made no sense One reviewer mentioned that it seemed as though the book had been badly translated from another language, and that accurately describes my impression In one paragraph, the author starts to talk about sacred cows, wanders off into the origin of the word Alp and then mentions something about the profane use of cattle which by the structure of the paragraph would mean that it had something to do with the word Alp, but since that wasn t explained, it s hard to tell And what would that be I have an idea, butit was never explained in that paragraph or any of the following ones This author needs a better editor.