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[E-pub] ♣ My Forever Friends (Friends for Keeps, #4) ♻

good book [E-pub] ♘ My Forever Friends (Friends for Keeps, #4) ⚑ Friendships Are Shifting For Ida May, And All Because Jenna And Brooke Former BFFs Are Feuding No One Knows What Started The Fight, But Soon The Girls In Class Have Taken Sides, With Ida May Stuck In The Middle Does Ida Have What It Takes To Understand The True Nature Of Jenna And Brooke S Real Friendship And Figure Out The Way To Bring Them, And The Rest Of The Class, Together This is a very different book from all the others in the Summer Book Club but I wanted to make sure the girls didn t feel left out if they aren t into the adventure and mystery of the books I reviewed this summer My Forever Friends is part of the Friends for Keeps series of 4 books Based on the adventures and thoughts of four 4th grade girls with all the hangups, conflicts and attitudes remember what that was like of girls at that age if you re daughter has Frenemy s or Best Friends this book will be right up their alley This book revolves around Ida May and Jenna who are forced to spend time together when Jenna begins to spend time at Ida s home every day after school due to her mother s difficult pregnancy Jenna is very list oriented, needs to have everything planned followed and hates having her schedule changed at least if she doesn t decide to change it Ida ends up spending time with Rachel Jenna s little sister to support her as Jenna has a mean streak and bosses Rachel around and puts her down quite a bit.I don t know how many of you remember the middle school grades and how mean the girls could be to each other Being best friends with one girl one week and then best friends with another girl the next week This book reminded me a lot of that awkward age and how much I hated the stress and upheaval during that time BUT, on the other hand, girls who read the series will identify with Ida May, Jenna, Stacy and the other girls in the Friends for Keeps series and should enjoy them thoroughly.I m going to rate this book a 4 I didn t particularly care for the book but it is very well written, the author has a great understanding of girls at this age and I m very sure that girls in the 4th 6th grades will identify and understand exactly what s going on And maybe they will learn some tricks they can use to get through this period in their young lives D I love your book it s great I just love this series I love Ida May the book made me think about what is happening in my real life. Read the blurb of the book Ida May, the MC tries to find out the cause of the break up And when something happens to her friend s family, she knows she has to do something Her class forget their hate for her friend and so does the friend she s fighting with When people are fighting, despite their hate for each other, they always manage to find kindness and love in themselves to help that person That s exactly what the class did This book was about that there is always such a deep friendship beneath fighting Beneath the hate you may have for that particular person, you know that there is love beneath there Love you just didn t realise was there when you were fighting And this book portrays that perfectly.