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[Read Epub] ⚇ Retribution ♐

I feel like this book has been mostly build up for the next book This story has been sad and occasionally frustrating I m still not sure whether I like it or not But I probably won t ever forget it. [Read Epub] ⚔ Retribution ♤ The Maddox Siblings World Has Been Ripped From Them Yet AgainWith Thousands Of Triskelians Dead At The Hands Of The Keyland Guard, Eli And Sabine Flee With The Survivors To The Safety Of Cascadia Seth, Missing For Days Before Rescue From Beneath The Rubble, Is Horrified To Discover That He Is Presumed Guilty For The Ambush And So He Goes Into ExileAs The Devastated Triskelian Survivors Recuperate At A Safe Mountain Retreat, And Grieve Their Terrible Losses, Seth Finds His Way To The Wretched City Of Triban There, He Begins Amassing An Army Of Orphan Boys And Children From The Street When The Time Is Right, He And His Child Soldiers Will Fight The War That Will Topple The Keys Once And For All Proving To Triskelia And, Most Importantly, To His Siblings That The Massacre Wasn T His FaultMeanwhile, Sabine, As The Triskelians New Leader, Must Deal With The Pressures Of Organizing An Angry, Desperate, Vengeful People, As Well As Eli S Increasing Resistance To Her Plans Justice Or Revenge As The Three Siblings Struggle Separately With Tragedy And Its Aftermath, They Will Each Discover Their Destiny, Their Own Form Of Retribution And All Three Will Be Left With Blood On Their Hands Much stronger than the first book in the series, though still has its ups and downs More interesting than some other YA near future dystopias I ve read in the last couple of years in that it puts significant emphasis on resistance as collective, political enterprise rather than purely as individual choice or individual hero s journey I m looking forward to the final volume. The 2nd book in the Triskelia series follow up nicely to thew first one with the character s being believable and they have seperate emotions you know like your best friend. The book started slow, and I was wondering when anything would happen and I realized I was already halfway through the book This was a disappointment for me after reading the first Triskelia book, which I really enjoyed. This is the second book in the triskelia trilogy This book is a great read, and has great detail and ideas I can t wait for the third one to come out. One of the shortlisted titles for the CLA Young Adult Book Award in 2008. Reactions Ok So I read the Droughtlanders by her way back in February and I truly enjoyed it Well actually I didn t know what to make of it when I first read it It had been a great book, and yet the ending left me feeling numb So to say the least, with great reluctance did I pick up this next book.The adventure with Eli began again as he and his siblings each embark on a difficult journey The Treskelians think that Seth is dead and blame Eli for the massacre of their people Sabine is being pushed to be their new leader and each one must discover their own hidden strength. More like 3.5 It was pretty good although I think I prefer the first one This might just be because this is the middle book My only major issue with the book was the writing Some sentences were confusing and there were a few typos The book overall was an enjoyable read and I liked how they are finally progressing towards an revolution.