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~FREE DOWNLOAD ♑ Phoenix Wright ♴ A TANGLED WEB OF INTRIGUEPhoenix Wright, Ace Attorney, Takes Up The Case Of The Spider Fanatic And Recluse Bobby Wolfe, Accused Of Arson And Murder In The Conclusion Of The Case, Phoenix Stands Up To His Arch Nemesis, Miles Edgeworth, To Fight For Bobby S Innocence In The Courtroom Includes Special Extras After The Story Turnabout Gallows Part Two The exciting conclusion to the baffling case of the spider man, but, erm..not that Spider Man First things first, I have to admire the attempt here to develop an interesting locked ish room case, with a unique solution that I wouldn t dream of spoiling That said.I don t think there s a single thing about said solution that doesn t require stretching one s suspension of belief to the breaking point, even by the standards of the Phoenix Wright series, with its endless cavalcade of dangerous eccentrics The sheer ridiculousness of how this was really pulled off knocks a little off the score, sadly Still, it s interesting nonetheless, and interesting is always something I can recommend Turnabout Showtime I ll never cease to be fascinated by the insanity that passes for costume based entertainment in the Phoenix Wright universe, though Sparkleland is on the lower end of the memorability spectrum The real draw, of course, is what Nick explicitly calls out as the world s smallest locked room murder , which has a reasonably clever solution that works out a lot better than Turnabout Gallows Though, Edgeworth s characterization is a little weird he goes from being borderline clairvoyant to overlooking things that were already mentioned in the trial, like, ten or fifteen minutes ago At least they stayed consistent with his secretly terrible taste in everything Once again, this isn t quite up to the quality of the games, which I mentioned in my review of the first volume But maybe that s not being entirely fair after all, there s a LOT less room for elaborate plotting here, and they do a pretty good job of packing the limited space with interesting material The art s nice, too Overall, it s not at all a bad diversion while we wait for Ace Attorney 5 Or the English release of the Layton crossover Or, um, an English patch for Investigations 2 Not a bad diversion at all I m giving this three stars, which is a half starthan I would ve given the first volume, that is, if Goodreads did half stars. This series really has the same feel as the games, the same mix of fun and mystery, the quirky characters and the oddball scenarios. A satisfying wrapup Why does one town have all these tragic murders, anyway To get back on that its like the games but with less buttons joke at one point the story even pulls the oops. presented the wrong evidence joke what, your touchscreen never accidentally presented wrong bit in the game itself This book has the second part of the spiders arson story from the 1st volume, plus a new case with theme park mascots.Also there s a neat lil translations notes page explaining why English version characters were named what they were named Someone really had to think out pun worthy names for these people Regardless of this series being about an attorney defending claimants from being accused of murder I am glad to inform you that it is not overly graphic and has thus been classified as Teen by the people at Kodansha Comics Also I think it would be good to mention regardless of the serious nature of the crimes committed in this book that it is not an overly serious series being based on the spoofy Phoenix Wright Videogames If you decide to read it I hope you enjoy Picking up from the last book we finally get to see the conclusion of the Turnabout Gallows case as Phoenix puts together the last bits of evidence and discovers the real criminal through luck and thinking outside the box also a bit of Maya s support Then it is show time as Maya and Phoenix Wright are present at a stage show in the case of Turnabout Showtime but dark tidings are in the air when one of the performers drops in the middle of the performance It is the world s smallest locked room scenario as Phoenix does his best to route out the truth in a place where fantasy is brought to life for kids.My favorite part of the book would have to be the literal turning point Its a pun you will have to read the book to discover of the Turnabout Gallow case after Phoenix finally realizes how all the pieces fit together and begins showing proof of his theory. Another cute foray into the world of Phoenix Wright The art isn t exactly the same as the game but it keeps the spirit of the game which isimportant I think The characters are funny and alive, I would definitely recommend this book. I great book for any Phoenix Wright fan but make sure to buy the 1st book first because the first case carries on from the first 1 book There is also a few contradiction in the book. This series is only getting better usually I m not a big manga fan but I love the legal theme of this series as well as the ambition and humor of its characters. This was a fun and fast read but I wish it was as intricate and compelling as the source material.