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4.5 stars Blog tour and full post at one s a page turner I picked up Double Deceit on vacation and couldn t put it down until I found out how it all ended You hear stories all the time about creepy stalker situations, but to become immersed in one as a reader was so fascinating.Elaina has lost everything she loves in life except one younger sister As a 19 year old she eloped and left home never to return Then in a tragic turn of events, she loses her husband and infant daughter in a car accident Alone and jobless, Elaina decides to return to her hometown to look for a fresh start Her childhood home should be a welcoming place to heal and become a new person, but soon after her arrival things turn scary She receives weird letters as well as phone calls warning her she needs to be alone Elaina has isolated herself in the past and trusted no one So opening up to her best friend Peter and a new man in town Ryan, to tell them what is unfolding proves difficult Meanwhile things are heating up fast between her younger sister and her new boyfriend Chad giving Elaina bad flashbacks of her own mistakes.Can Elaina, her sister and the two men get to the bottom of the mystery behind her strange follower before time runs out and they are all in danger I loved that the two main characters of Double Deceit meet and work at a book store Main love interest Ryan He is the perfect gentleman and so supportive despite the fact that Elaina s world is falling apart around her With mysterious prank calls, hearing voices and disappearing evidence he could have easily chalked her up as crazy.That Elaina comes into who she is as a person and uses therapy and a journal as well as a support system to help her grieve and change So often in life and literature counseling is not discussed as an open and valuable tool.I had a hard time with the last three chapterstalk about intense With suspension of disbelief about who her stalker was I can t give anything away but you ll be kept guessing.Content domestic violence, kidnapping, no swearing or sexual content Recommended for readers 17 and up.In a sentence Double Deceit was a well crafted suspenseful romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat and checking your locks You might also like Rebound by Heather Justesen, Meg s Melody by Kaylee Baldwin or Chocolate Roses by Joan Sowards. I liked this mystery by Stephanie Humphreys I d give it 3 1 2 stars I thought she did a good job with the twists and turns of the mystery While I guessed who the tormentor was, I didn t get all the twists until the end My only criticism was that it jumped quite a bit in places For instance, at the end of a chapter the author has the main character and her sister go on a double date There are no details about this date and the next chapter is the next day with no reference to the night before There were many circumstances where we are told the character went here and then given no details or no emotional reaction especially when these were instances where the main character was present with the villain or the hero I get that you can t describe every single movement of the main character, but the switch in time seemed to be too abrupt in places Overall though, the story kept me flipping the pages. cDouble Deceit by Stephanie HumphriesThis is the first book by Stephanie that I ve read and this is her second She has done a great job of writing a very suspenseful novel.The story starts out with Elaina Bryant, a young 26 year old widow, who has come back, after a ten year absence from her childhood home with her mom and younger sister, to start over after a devastating accident that took the lives of her husband and baby daughter When she is offered a job at the local bookstore, she feels good When she begins to fall in love with her boss, Ryan Hill and his mother Sandra is telling her eerie things concerning her dead daughter, she becomes distrustful of everyone, even her best friend Peter, who has loved her sister Natalie for years, but hasn t spoken of his feelings When Natalie meets a guy agt aSingle s Conference, she falls hard for him When Elaina begins receiving strange letters from her deceased husband, even datged afterf his death, she thinks she s losing her sanity, but then she receives crank phone calls, even at the bookstore that no one believes When she also receives a CD with her daughter s crying, she truly believes she s lost it When Peter is out on a call the night she brings in a photograph as evidence she s not crazy, she decides to go find the answers herself, which puts herself in grave danger If you enjoy suspense with a twist, this book is for you.I received this ARC from Walnut Springs Press.Publisher Walnut Springs PressDate Published July 2011ISBN 978 1 935217 94 7295pp Looking at the book, I first thought it had a great title and intriguing cover and back blurb I was wary of the too perfect main character with excessive makeup but quickly warmed to her as I started reading Elaina, the MC, comes with her own set of insecurities and flaws, including a failed marriage There were interesting supporting characters with their own stories I liked how Humphreys simultaneously showed Elania s character growth while trying to fight becoming crazy Contrasting this was a likeable sister, Natalie, who became insensitive and self absorbed due to a new boyfriend s attention I knew not to like Chad though Elaina struggled to lend sisterly support That was good tension Friend Peter made me angry when he showed his spineless side, but there were reasons for it Nearly perfect love interest, Ryan, played it right most of the time Ryan s mother possessed a quirkiness that was refreshing These characters elicited reader emotions that pulled me into the story The plot developed nicely There were places of tension and rest from it, all building to a suspenseful climax Non LDS readers should have no trouble understanding content or enjoying this book Humphreys managed to hold my interest and keep me guessing. ( READ DOWNLOAD ) ⚆ Double Deceit ⚖ As A Young Widow, All Elaina Bryant Wants Is A Fresh Start Determined To Put Ten Painful Years Behind Her, She Returns Toher Hometown And Moves In With Her Sister, Natalie Elaina Soon Accepts A Job Working At A Small Bookstore Owned By The Handsome Ryan Hill And His Mother Despite Her Reluctance To Become Romantically Involved With Anyone, She Is Drawn To Ryan And Finds Herself Falling In Love But Someone Isn T Happy With Elaina S New Life And Is Watching Her Every Move Her Tormenter Seems Determined To Destroy Her Sanity And Her Future, But Elaina Can T Convince Anyone The Threat Is Real Natalie Is Preoccupied With Her Own Blossoming Romance, And Ryan And Elaina S Friend Peter Seem To Believe The Threat Has Been Manufactured In Her Own Mind A Result Of Her Guilt And Grief Now Elaina S Plans For A New Start Are Crashing Down Around Her She Knows She Will Have To Find The Answers On Her Own Before She Can Ever Overcome The Past And Enjoy Love And Happiness Again But How Can She Protect Those She Loves When She Doesn T Know Whom To Trust Double Deceit is a very interesting, suspenseful romance Elaina s abusive husband and young daughter died in a car accident and now she s going back to her childhood home to live with her younger sister They haven t been in contact since Elaina eloped in high school She gets a job and soon falls in love with the boss Butthings aren t all perfect Elaina keeps receiving mysterious phone calls and letters that seem like pranks, but are almost threatening Can she find out who is behind this Or is she really going crazy I really liked the twists and turns in this story I love it when I m always guessing a mystery I would have liked to see Sandra the boyfriend s mother developed a littleshe was fascinating. One of the things I really liked about this book was the constant angst that was there There is the feeling that something is off, but you and Elaina just can t figure it out Stephanie wrote this part of the novel so well, that you find you are as uptight as the main characterYou will love Double Deceit, if you enjoy reading an angst filled mystery, thrown in with a crazy stalker and topped off with a handsome boss,who is also a good kisser If you would like to read the entire review, please go to my bloghttp whynotbecauseisaidso.blogspot. I thought this book was not only suspenseful but a great depiction of what someone is feeling when they are brave enough to move on with life after living in an abusive relationship and dealing with lose I really felt for her when she kept feeling like something was wrong and not wanting to trust those around her The story was smooth and fluid and I felt like each event was relevant to shedding light on who the characters were Definitely a book I could read again and still enjoy the second time around. Stephanie has masterfully spun a tale of romance, suspense, and drama From chapter one, she creates questions in the reader s mind and then slowly reveals the answers to keep one turning the pages and wantingThe dialogue always rang true, both to each character s personality and to the situation I found myself immersed in the world of Elaina Bryant The scenes and the overall plot are unique but entirely believable This is a wonderful read with lots of angst satisfyingly intermingled with love, loyatly, and warmth You won t regret choosing to read this book I picked this book up on the library New Arrivals shelf It is a good book, not well written about LDS characters It was pretty predictable although the twist could have some people going The characters aren t well developed, but the story is good It s about a woman whose estranged husband dies and she goes back home to live with her sister who she hasn t seen in ten years She tries to start a new life but begins to be harassed by an unknown person It s a fast and clean read.