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I thought at the opening that this was going to be a 4 star story The H h meet at a bar in Chicago The heroine is dressed up and has had too much to drink When her date her brother is called away the heroine tipsily starts flirting with the hero who thinks she s beautiful He informs her he hates women up front, but he s actually really nice to her He discovers she s drinking because she was in an accident that killed her husband and unborn child just a month or so ago.When they part ways, the hero sees the heroine go to a bridge and he thinks she s going to jump He takes her to his hotel suite to sleep it off The heroine is embarrassed the next day, but the hero is kind He takes her home and then goes back to his Cattleman Conference where he and his brother, Evan from the next book get into fisticuffs with some other ranchers about hormones used in beef production They are both exhilarated by their fight Hero has a black eye.Hero calls the heroine and against his better judgment, he stays in Chicago and spends the next week dating the heroine It s actually a really believable courtship sequence I usually find myself very bored with courtship give me conflict any day of the week , but DP made it believable and interesting These were two lost souls who could help each other All was well until H went back to Jacobsville and to his insecurities and hang ups He still hates his mother for having an affair while married and bringing him into the family as the illegitimate half brother He shares their last name since his step father adopted him This disrespect to his mother is puzzling and cringey The H h write but the heroine takes the hero s lead and keeps the letters impersonal However, when the hero returns to Chicago six months later, the spark is back and we have a bit of virgin whispering But the heroine is not a virgin how does that work in a DP story Heroine had painful sex with her hubby who told her she wasn t attractive, so she doesn t like intimacy Hero introduces her to the wonder of a hairy chest and even invites her touch him where he is a man This is the first third base reference I ve seen in the LTT series, btw Hero also tells the heroine he s never done this before, but he has had other experiences I m not sure what that means DP is coy about the hero s sexual track record I think she was trying to imply that he had watched porn or read men s magazines I sure hope she didn t mean he had bought a prostitute And speaking of a prostitute, that s what the hero s idiot mother thought the h was when he brought the heroine home from Chicago It s not what the heroine looks like, it s because the hero had told his mother that she had turned him off of women and that he would make a prostitute her daughter in law someday.The heroine is understandably upset by this, but they work it out Everything is fine, hero proposes and heroine accepts But heroine thinks she should pretend to be a city girl she grew up on a ranch in South Dakota to test if the hero really loves her This actually doesn t backfire and the hero thinks it s amusing.What is not amusing is the H s mother tells the heroine on her wedding day that the hero is still stuck on his ex who died and she feels guilty about it view spoiler They were going to elope, but when the ex called the house, the hero s mother lied and said he was out She didn t feel like calling him to the phone The ex was in despair because her parents had found out their plot to marry So she jumped to her death When hero found out about the phone call, he blamed his mother for her death hide spoiler The main plot was good, but I found the minor plots very unrealistic I loved Harden and Miranda s story, the pain and passion between the two But I hated the fact that Harden only started thinking about his mother only after he met Miranda I found that side of the story a bit too far fetched.Putting that aside, I loved Harden s story. UPDATE Reread April, 2019Desafio de uma Vida, portuguese edition, Kindle Unlimited Relido em 8 de junho de 2016 Highlights She d grown up in ranching country and knew quite a bit about how beef was produced, but she didn t say so It was nicer to let him explain how it worked, to sit and listen to his deep, quiet voice I m a loner, he said irritably I like it that way I don t need anyone I suppose I m not very good at being alone, she replied You ve given me a new perspective on women I suppose there are some decent ones in the world She smiled sadly High praise, coming from you I can t spend my life wandering around Chicago while you re in your office Let me make love to you Set any limits you like Amazing, what a man can do when he sets his mind to it, he whispered against her mouth I m glad to see that my instincts haven t worn out Although I ve read about that, I ve never done it before Why are you shocked he asked I m no playboy Women are still pretty much a mystery to me Less so now, he added with a wicked gleam in his eyes Sex is serious business to me I don t sleep around, ever I ve missed you, woman, he whispered roughly What s the old saying, if wishes were horses, beggars could ride Shall I compare thee to a summer s day Thou artlovely, andtemperate I hope you took vitamins, because you re going to need every bit of strength you ve got Well, now you have, and you can stop throwing your conquests in my face Oh His mouth stopped the tirade, and he smiled against it They weren t conquests, they were educational experiences that made me the perfect specimen of male prowess you see before you She caught her breath, gaping at him And your brother thinks you re a virgin she burst out He shrugged We all make mistakes. Sort of an out of focus hazy book It kind of meandered and it lacked a certain concreteness It was not straightforward and driven by words like later that week Sort of goofy but readable. ( E-PUB ) ⚑ Harden (Long, Tall Texans, #7; Silhouette Romance, #783) ☬ HARD HEARTED TEXAN Born Into A Sprawling Ranching Family, Rugged Harden Tremayne Was The Toughest, Wildest Man Ever To Come Out Of Texas And The Loneliest Until He Met Miranda Warren, The Lovely Chicago Widow Who Aroused Feelings Too Long Denied And A Yearning For Something That Could Never Be His Miranda Had Never Felt Anything As Overwhelming As Her Passion For The Long, Lean Cowboy But Harden Couldn T Give Her The One Thing She So Desperately Craved Then She Discovered The Tragic Secret He Harboured Deep In His Soul She Loved Him But Was Her Love Enough To Melt His Hard, Hungry Heart And Help Them Make A New Life Together Love this book by Diana Palmer Harden a woman hated finally meet his match in sweet caring Miranda she didn t know what to think of him at first but felt safe with him she was grieving from her loss but he helped her through it they are made for each other can t wait to readbooks by Diana Palmer. I love Diana Palmer I ve read a lot of her books Some of my favorite ones are from The Long Tall Texans series. Note to self Reviews indicate he may not be a virgin hero If he is, then it looks like he s the kind that did everything else but kind And it appears he s a braggart and a woman hater If anyone who has read this, feels I have been misled from the reviews, please feel free to enlighten me Until then I wont be reading this one. I laaaahv it I can t wait to read Evan s story like seriously Harden s typical Diana Palmer s hero and I liked him Way to go, Miss Palmer A well written, enjoyable, easy to read romanceSPOILER ALERT I DO NOT DETAIL ANY PARTICULAR EVENTS IN THIS REVIEW BUT I DO TALK IN GENERAL TERMS ABOUT THE PLOT AND CHARACTERS ALL THROUGH THIS REVIEW SO IF YOU DON T WANT ANY CLUES ABOUT WHAT I DID NOT LIKE ABOUT THE BOOK DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW IF YOU WANT A REVIEW THAT WILL HELP YOU DECIDE WHETHER YOU WILL BE AS DISAPPOINTED BY THE BOOK AS I WAS, READ ON.A well written and enjoyable romance by a talented, well known writer of action packed romances This book is quick and easy to read The plot is a little trite but with unique variations The characters are well drawn as individuals and not just stock characters There is no bad language or current sexual intercourse outside of marriage, although one of the characters that is an adult in this book was conceived outside of marriage and has a rocky relationship with his mother in this book partly because of this There are some very explicit depiction of kissing and other sexual acts short of intercourse between people who are courting but the characters do not let themselves go too far.This book is a very well done example of a romance based on silly misunderstanding between two people who are so afraid to be hurt if they say what they mean that they tell half truths and then feel hurt when they are not understood I get so tired both in stories and in real life with people who expect others to guess what they mean when they say one thing and mean something totally different So I cannot give a book that is entirely based on misunderstanding based on things that the characters deliberately keep hidden anythan three stars Deliberately withholding important information about important things can be a form of lying in extreme cases, and this book shows what can happen when people do this. But that should be so obvious that it is not worth writing yet another book about If you are that messed up, arrange to get professional help, whether from a minister with training in counselling or a therapist Don t expect that getting married will fix being a compulsive liar especially if you marry another compulsive liar, and especially do not expect that having children will solve this problem.