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This was a fun The Incredibles meets Mystery Men type of book The superheros were quirky, the villains weren t too terrible, the anti hero turned out to be a nice guy afterall.I love fun, quirky, off the wall type of stories Especially when they are not written poorly or choppy This one fit this bill perfectly If you are a fan of The Incredibles, and or the movie Mystery Men, I would recommend this book as a quick read for you. Hrm Okay.The good It s a cool concept to do a world with superheroes The writing quality was good The humor was, for the most part, entertaining.The bad I found the characterization pretty inconsistent The first person heroine was kind of all over the place thinking she s all I am woman, hear me roar independent, but then acting kind of damsel in distress getting herself into trouble TSTL dumb , and the hero was just a little TOO mysterious for my tastes view spoiler The heroine didn t even learn his real name or see him without his superhero mask until the very last scene hide spoiler Free E-pub ♌ Super Zero ♋ When Jenna Peterson Signs On As Personal Shopper Slash Assistant For Top Superhero The Machine, She S Disgusted To Learn Of His Philandering Ways Against His Wife Rapido, The Second Most Powerful Superhero In The Area And He S Cheating With Jenna S Cousin, To Boot But When The Machine Gives Jenna The Opportunity To Safeguard The Changing Crystal, A Jewel That Grants Or Changes Superpowers, Jenna Jumps On The Opportunity, Eager To Do This So Called Cake Job That Will Help Her Earn Street Cred With The Midwest League Of SuperheroesThe League Pairs Jenna Up With A Bodyguard, The Dark, Mysterious, And Thoroughly Grumpy Vigilante Their Personalities Are Oil And Water, But A Deep Attraction Pulls Them Together, Even If They Don T Fully Trust One AnotherSoon, Jenna Learns The Threat To The Changing Crystal Is All Too Real, And The List Of People She Can Trust Grows Shorter By The Minute But When She Discovers Something Even Sinister Afoot, Involving Vigilante S Sexy Arch Nemesis Dementrix, It Ll Take All Her Skills To Keep The Mad Villainess From Executing Her Plan To Unmask The World S Superheroesespecially When Jenna Accidentally Becomes One Herself This was my first superhero read, and I loved it Fantastic writing that made me snort out loud in a couple of places, great plot, and a yummy, yummy hero Definitely recommend THE GOOD This is a humorous and romantic read that throws you straight into the story without any info dumping, with believeable and consistent characters, no sections that drag and some great snarky one liners My favourite had to be the reference to the posturing of a couple of supervillains as having gone through Captain Kirk s Superhero School for Overactors It was so compelling and entertaining that I had to read it from start to finish in one sitting luckily at 64K words it s a fairly quick read, but it still felt a complete and complex story It s written in first person which I normally dislike, but that didn t stop me enjoying it thoroughly.THE BAD There were one too many references to the main character s belief that she was a strong, independant woman usually just before she melted in a puddle I felt it was a little tell y in places too.IN SUM This is a sweet and warmingly romantic superhero story with no explicit bedroom scenes, some nice twists, some great humour, and all wound up nicely in just 64, 000 words I f you ve enjoyed films like Mystery Men and The Specials, then this is definitely a book for you. Super Zero was one of the most delightful reads I have had in a long time The story kept me guessing as to who the villain or villains were.Jenna is a mere human being amongst SuperHero s Her boss is Mason, aka The Machine one of the SuperHero s and the head of the League of Heroes Rowena is his wife, a super heroine It is the Midwest League of Heroes turn to guard a Crystal that can turn a normal human into a superhero, though one never knows what their new power will be, or it can strip a superhero of their power Either way, it must be protected.Jenna becomes the guardian of the Crystal when it comes to the LOH Vigilante is the superhero ordered to protect Jenna from those who would try to steal the crystal.The story has twist and turns that will have you laughing and the biting your fingernails Ms Stapleton did a fantastic job on the writing and bringing the characters to life for her readers.I did find some editing problems that took away from the reading for a moment, but it was easy to get back into it once I figured out what the sentences were supposed to be.If you have never read a romantic comedy before, Super Zero is great for cutting your teeth on Highly recommended. I finished this the other day, and I am still thinking of what a blast it was First off, it took place in the Cleve, so that is awesome even if it was an alternate universe Cleveland It involves superheroes and romance and mystery, so it was lots of fun The heroine was lovely and funny and sassy While the book had plenty of darkness, it was balanced with enough funny and romance to make it perfect for me Not sure what to compare it to, since the only other superhero books I have been reading are the Cassidy Jones series by Elise Stokes, which are YA and not riddled with adult situations Bottom line loved it and can t wait for This was really of a 3.5 star for me Fun, fast paced and I ended up enjoying it much than I thought I would during the first quarter of the book I think that the author has promise and if there s a sequel in the works I would read it, but unfortunately a lot of the situations, characters and phrasing she used especially near the beginning were pretty cliche and predictable and had me rolling my eyes Once the story really got going though, she hit her stride and I found myself really enjoying story. Book 24 for 2011 I have to admit, I m kind of totally in love with this book It s a treat of a book that kept me hooked from page one It reminded me of a cross between THE INCREDIBLES and JANET EVANOVICH, and featured a main character who was fun and sympathetic and witty and just kind of all around awesome.Aside from the main character, let s talk about the romance In SUPER ZERO, it sizzled The male lead, Vigilante, is described in a way which will make every single reader want to become his sidekick and Man, I want to be part of this super hero world Rhonda Stapleton blends the world of superheros in with our society in a way that is believable yet exciting.Also, I have to point out, this is an adult book, not a young adult It s noteworthy because 1 I mostly read young adult, and 2 Rhonda Stapleton has published young adults novels also including STUPID CUPID Simon Pulse, December 2009.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for older teens and adults who love action, adventure, and romance And the best part is that it s a 2.99 ebook and totally worth every bit of it and This book is a fabulous Saturday afternoon read I read SUPER ZERO from start to finish in a day, simply because I couldn t put it down The fast pace of the plot and the breezy, smart, sometimes snarky tone of the author s voice gave a perfect balance to the dangerous world where superheroes exist The only reason I didn t give it a 5 star rating was because I would have liked to have had awareness sexual tension between the protagonists The bump their relationship hits 2 3 s of the way through would have had of an impact if their emotions had been explored in depth beforehand.I strongly recommend this romp through a superhero s world It s lots of fun and well worth your time.