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Moya s crew and their new ex Peacekeeper allies find out that Grayza is trading weapons to the Grennij, the race they just stopped from slaughtering the pilots, and attempt to put a stop to it, Noranti is now a teenager, Chiana runs off to find Roiin, her one true love and a major change in fate awaits Aeryn Lots of nice twists in this one, can t wait to see where it s all going Noranti comes out of her shell, literally, and now she s a hot young woman who has a wild side to her Chiana is still in love with the guy that s trying to kill John and Aeryn s son Aeryn and John are working with the Peacekeepers who broke off from the group, while the other Peacekeepers are still out to take control of things.Behind all of this is the growing unsettled condition in the uncharted territories and a race of shock troops that is spreading a lot of destruction.Another very good book in the series. This one picks up where 5 left off we find out what s being going on with Noranti, but the main focus is on Crichton and co trying to stop the threat of the Grennij We find out that the Peacekeepers are trading with them as they desperately try to recover some of their influence and this leads to some tense scenes as Crichton is forced to confront Commandant Grayza Aeryn meanwhile continues to study the ancient texts she found and tries to convince the Peacekeepers that they have gone very, very wrong.Oh and Chiana runs off to the bloke who s trying to kill John and Aeryn s son.Yep, there s plenty of drama here and I can t wait to read vol 7. This continuation of Farscape is fantastic and this volume ends with some twists I definitely did not see coming . I actually read Vol 6 awhile back before I got Vol 5 Needless to say, it makes a lotsense after reading Vol 5.The Peacekeepers on the other Leviathan are traveling with Moya Chiana, suffering from a strange rash, has left to go find Roiin The group runs intoPeacekeepers led by Grayza and the true masterminds behind the attacks becomes known. I re read all of these in the summer while blitzkrieging for a game I still find myself feeling about the same for the Farscape franchize comics graphic novels as I ever did They are sometimes well written, but the art is really sad because I just love the show and actors so much Some of the stories meander too much, and Aeryn s ending still gets to me in a way where I don t absolutely agree that s where she should have ended up But it was a fun summer reread. A faithful continuation of the Farscape series This series just keeps getting better and better in my opinion. (Free Ebook) Ç Farscape Vol. 6 ⛏ The Acclaimed Science Fiction Series FARSCAPE Continues Here, From The Show S Creator, Rockne S O BannonTwo Leviathan Crews, The Outlaws On Moya, And A New Crew Of Ex Peacekeepers Team Up To Take On A Conspiracy That Threatens The End Of The Uncharted Territories And One Member Of Moya S Crew Will Be Changed Forever A Brand New FARSCAPE Adventure Written By The Show Creator Rockne S O Bannon A for the twist at the end, the rare but badass POC s in the Farscape universe and Aeryn beating a trick down for stepping to her and hitting on her man.