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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚆ Beyond a Proposition ☥ Skye Kavanaugh S Lonely Mundane World Shatters When Will Savage, The Hot Gravelly Voiced Singer Of Ten And Five Propositions Her For The First Time In Her Life Skye Shoves Common Sense Aside Allowing Physical Attraction To Guide Her Decision She Finds Herself Besieged By The Domineering Bad Boy And Tumbles Beyond The Boundaries Of Their Agreement Into An Emotional Entanglement Faced With The Reality Of Will S Rock N Roll Lifestyle Skye Must Now Make A Choice Can Will Be A One Woman Man Or Does The Allure Of A New Woman In Every Town Still Rule Him Having Come To Her Senses Skye Must Hold Onto Her Courage And Walk Away Before Will Rocks Her World Beyond Repair Review to come shortly. Skye has been divorced for a long time and is lonely She goes over to a friend s house for a birthday party when the band Ten and Five show up Will Savage, the lead singer, is known as a ladies man a girl in every town, so to speak Skye is shocked he does not have a girl on his arm and he proceeds to try and talk to her Jake is another member of the band and his wife Cathy, likes Skye and wants to be friends, so Skye gives out her number so they can stay in touch A few days later Skye gets a text message from Will and this is were the proposition comes into play Of course Skye knew where he got her phone number Cathy Will and Skye are in for a big surprise.I enjoyed this read Skye is a character most of us can relate to She is independent, works hard for her two kids and just wants to find true love She wants someone to care for her When she starts this so called relationship with Will she wasn t expecting some of the feelings stirring about Will is another great character again some can relate to He wants a friend someone who will listen and someone to comfort him There is a twist that makes the ending remarkable It wasn t what I was expecting, but in a good way I don t think anyone would be disappointed in reading Beyond A Proposition Babs, The One Hundred Romances Project TBH I asked the author for this as it wasn t available in my territory It s a great debut with hopefullyto come No pressure, tho.Down to the nitty gritty realistic in emotion and dialogue, and a fantasy romance that most women have had so it s familiar yet unique. 3.5, really I liked the first 50 or so pages where they got together and had their first rendezvous, then bam next page, we are 7 months into a relationship and told how they are together I wanted to see the development, not be told about it in a few sentences It was a good book, don t get me wrong but I feel like we missed all the good bits the building of a relationship and when she dumps him, you don t really feel her hurt because you didn t get that invested in them as a couple Im tempted to read the second but am leery of feeling let down again.