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~FREE ⚆ The Prophet: Amos (Sons of Encouragement, #4) ♪ A Man Of Solitude, Who Felt At Home Among The Hills A Man Of Conviction, Who Heard When God Called A Man Of Fortitude, Who Spoke To A Nation Unwilling To Listen The Israelites Rebelled Against God And Were Devoured By War But First, They Were Warned By A Prophet Who Refused To Turn Away Amos I didn t know anything about this prophet who bears a small book in the Old Testament Showed me the patience and perseverance he had as well as introducing Hosea. This was kind of a cross between a novel and a Bible study It was very challenging, thought provoking and inspirational, but lacked some of the pulling power of a pure narrative I listened to the Oasis audiobook, which has an excellent narrator. This book was such a blessing I love how Francine brought to life this mans struggles it has truely been inspiration. Look of the life of a Shepherd in the Old Testament days Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets always shows his love by warning and foretelling us of the troubles that come our way, if we are willing to listen.Enjoyed learning about sheep herding and Psalms 23 meansto me now than before. A really great story of one of the lesser known prophets of the Old Testament, I liked how it showed Amos s faith despite being given prophecy from God and no one hearing him I really liked Ms River s rendering of Amos, and how she connects his story to Hosea, and the corruption of the time It really brought to life the kings, times, places, and struggles that God s people faced, as well as their willful disobedience and falling away I was especially helpful as I am currently reading through 2 Kings, and it gave me avivid perspective. How very difficult it is for us to accept chastisement when we are in need of change What a fickle and forgetful people we are How dangerous it is to believe ourselves God s chosen people unless you understand and embrace the immense responsibility that comes with that assignment Got this book from a ladies small group leader in 2016 and loved it Nice flow and easy read yet deep One can read it fast or linger over some parts Contemplating whether I shall translate it into Romanian. The cover of this book alone exhibits the emotions I felt when reading it God has truly blessed Francine Rivers with the gift of putting emotions into a written story Biblical fiction, when written rightly with the right intentions, helps make the stories of the Bible come to life This isn t to take away from what God reveals to us when we seek Him in His Word but I believe God gifted some with the ability to write stories that help the reader relate to the humanity and those God used And this is exactly what Francine did with this story of Amos.Amos was a shepherd by trade He was not educated by the scribes and priests of his time though he was an intelligent man This story of Amos reveals the great lengths a good shepherd goes through to protect his flock as it parallels the lengths Christ as the Good Shepherd went through for His flock of sheep At one point in the story Amos must intentionally injure one of his little lambs in order to protect the flock because it kept wandering putting the whole flock at risk It s this or death, little one Amos took a stone from his pouch, weighing it in his hand Too heavy and it would kill the lamb too light and it would not serve to discipline him Tears burning, Amos went to the wounded lamb and knelt, I am here, little one I would rather wound you myself than see you come to greater harm You belong with the flock, not out here on your own where death will find you He ran his hand gently over the lamb s head You will learn to stay close to me where you re safe Amos sat on a flat rock that gave him a full view of the pasture Lifting the lamb from his shoulders, he held it close You will learn to trust me and not think you can find better forage on your own I will lead you to green pastures and still waters He took a few grains of wheat from the scrip he wore at his waist and shared his food with the lamb Sometimes I must wound in order to protect He smiled as the lamb ate from his hand You will learn get used to my voice and come when I call He rubbed the notch in the lamb s ear You bear my mark, little one You are mine Let me take care of you The story of Amos being a shepherd isn t detailed in the Bible but the author of this book gives a descriptive point of view of what it meant to be a good shepherd of Amos time so that we can understand how Christ came to be the Good Shepherd and also how Amos came to see God s people as God s flock As Amos came to see the sinful pride God s sheep lived day to day, God softened Amos heart so that Amos grew to love God s sheep as he had loved his own In the story, you experience Amos heartache as he sees the people reject his warning to repent Amos knew what would come if they didn t repent God had revealed to him the destruction of judgment He would pour out on Israel if they didn t repent and Amos heart broke for the people Amos cried, weary, heartsick A year ago, he wouldn t have cared about what happened to these people And then he had prayed and God answered Now he cares so much that his heart broke every time he thought of Jerusalem, every time he entered the gates of Bethel, every time he looked into the faces of the people who could not stand before the judgment of a righteous God, least of all he God was holding the nations accountable for what they d done against His people, but the Lord would also hold His people accountable for the way they live before nations I cried, throughout the whole book What conviction to know that I, too, am an Israelite in need of repentance yet I m also called to be an Amos among God s sheep I am to love in truth no matter the cost The Bible doesn t tell of Amos death but history tells of a violent death at the hands of Jeroboam II The story ends with Amos death and in his death, The Good Shepherd takes him home When reading Biblical fiction stories, the reader needs to understand that the story is built around Biblical facts with a mix of cultural history of the time Not all details and descriptions are Biblical fact though the event isAmos was a prophet who was sent by God to Israel to warn of God s judgment that was to come if they didn t repent of their sins The story around Amos daily life is fictional based on the culture of the time I will be using this book as a read aloud with my sons It presents wonderful discussion opportunities that are relevant to our lives of today There are elements of mild gore from the physical persecution Amos suffered at the hands of the high priest he prophesied to The priest of the time saw Amos prophecy as blasphemy against themrevealing of the just how corrupt God s people had become 5 Stars I consider this a must read as a book to help the Bible come to life and further reveal Christ s love for us. Love Francine Rivers as a writer She takes history and makes it come alive as she weaves a story around the characters in the bible that we already know She makes them real people and not some hero on a shelf that we can t relate to Love the way she tells stories One of my Favorite authors