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Recommended by Berle Sands [Download Ebook] ☸ Lost In The Sand ⚔ A Story Of A Kurdish Child S Survival In The Land Of Chemical Experiments With Her Story, She Walks The Reader Through Her Worst Nightmares That Peace Is Becoming Impossible She Reveals That She Has A Powerful Love Affair Which According To Iraqi Culture Must Remain Unspoken She Devotes Her Life To Bring Stability And Freedom To Her Land Also To Protect The Borders Of America From Terrorist Attack By Attempting To Bring A Secret Document To The Nations Of The West Her Story Inspires The Reader With Her Courage And Determination To Never Give Up This Story Is To Undo The Doubt Of Much Of The World About What Is Really Happening In Iraq To Prevent The Young Men Of Iraq From Following Blindly The Dictates Of Those Who Would Keep Iraqis In Chains The story is unbelievable. Yikes That was a hard read but very interesting An excellent book I met the author, as she lives in my home town An amazing woman and an evenamazing true story I wish every adult would read this book before making judgment about warafter reading this book, I decided war isn t so black and white Very educational but fascinating at the same timeyou won t be able to put it down Hard going, but interesting.