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Post Everything Outsider Rock and Roll by Luke Haines Anther enjoyable romp through the murky mind and memories of Mr Luke Haines If you re reading this then you re probably already aware of Mr Haines oeuvre Suffice to say he s one of those under appreciated English mavericks who manage to carve out a career on the fringes of popular music He is in short a national treasure His books, like his music, offer black humour, wit, and a welcome respite from the mainstream, and yes entertainment This is showbusiness after all, and there s no businessPost Everything follows on from Bad Vibes Britpop and my part in its downfall , his previous memoir, and between them they offer an alternative history of Britpop and beyond Probably all you ll ever need to read on that overhyped musical period although Kill Your Friends by John Niven is a hilarious read and one I heartily recommend So In A Nutshell Buy this Read it And give Mr Haines some money We need him than he needs us. The second and the best of the Luke Haines books And the first one is very enjoyable, but this one seems tighter, because I think the subject matter is much better The first one is about being in the music world during Brit Pop, and this one is about.him in his own world I highly recommend this book if you are a Black Box Recorder fan, because it pretty much covers those years and his commentary, like the first book, is also much wittier Although his image is of a grouch, I think he is actually a very good critic Which means I don t agree with him all the time, but he knows how to say what s on his mind and he does it with great spirit Also the one problem I have with him, music wise, is his smarty pants teacher like attitude towards culture But alas, in this book he gives credit to those who were there first And he has a really nice and interesting reading list at the back of the book, including one of my faves Stewart Home And I am hoping that Mr Haines will return to empty page and fill it with some grief and good humor. Mr Haines is on it again I actually bought it at his concert in the Southbank center in London Post Everything is a lovely unfounded non academic study of contemporary society I especially recommend the foreword to everyone If you think banksey is slightly overrated and Tate modern is rather something to be ashamed about, here you ll find someone who tells you why and you ll never have to be quiet again on a diner party after someone asks you but why This was a book I found all but impossible to disentangle from my own memories of the time it relates to I m reading Luke Haines two memoirs out of sequence because the local library happened to have the second one in stock when a post on Goodreads reminded me that they existed I d heard him talking about the first volume years ago on Steve Lamacq s Round Table and mentally filed it away on my ever growing to read list I don t know that this mattered I know that the Auteurs were the under achievers of mid 90s British indie rock and that Luke Haines had a great talent for self sabotage strange though, to think now that New Wave made all the best of lists at the end of 1993, but a year later, Now I m a Cowboy, which to my ears is both a accessible and a interesting record, was nowhere to be seen Had he really made so many enemies so quickly Anyway, the book begins with a sort of stream of consciousness ramble post everything about the end of the period when pop music was actually a major part of British culture or at least, I think that s the point he s trying to make over a period of time which pretty much coincided with when I stopped reading the weekly music press, listening to the Evening Session on Radio 1, or arguing with strangers on the internet about the merits or otherwise of whatever was flavour of the week at Looking back, I thought I d just outgrown it, but reading Haines, I wonder if it was alternative music itself that had backed itself into a corner and run out of ideas I m sure there were people doing genuinely interesting things somewhere, but it wasn t coming to my attention I struggled to see why the music press was getting excited about Razorlight or the bloody Libertines Maybe if I d been ten years younger, they would have been my bands, or maybe I wouldn t have been interested in music at all.The book proper kicks off with the formation of Black Box Recorder described in the chapter heading as Chas Dave with a Chanteuse the chapter headings are a part of the book s appeal The Rock and Roll Arthur Scargill or, a particular favourite of mine, describing his encounter with self important vegetarian Chrissie Hynde, Sausage Nuremburg I was sort of familiar with Black Box Recorder as their second album and by Haines account, their best was amongst a pile of CDs my partner in crime at a by then doomed internet start up had left with me when he ran away to the other side of the world to get away from it all we were sort of trying to do Facebook, six years too early, and online community software was never quite as snappy a term as social networking The account of how successive record companies kept giving them development money to go record and mix songs that they then wouldn t release and perhaps goes some way to explaining why the music industry ended up on its knees a few years later.Interspersed with this are a series of comic dwams in which Haines finds himself in conversation with a talking cat, and with the dead rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, about his solo project which he describes as a kind of white English hip hop concept album The Oliver Twist Manifesto I confess I had to look this up on wikipedia as I d half wondered if it was any real than Dirk Zweick s music industry bible, Theorem of the Moron Thanks to Spotify, I can confirm that it does exist, and that it doesn t sound remotely like anything Tupac Shakur ever recordedI enjoyed the account of the three accidental pop stars appearance on Top of The Pops when The Facts of Life made the top 20 in 2001 indeed the re printed top 20 chart from that list was something of a Proustian Madeleine moment for me I d forgotten how awful Craig David s Fill Me In was, or that for a time it was impossible to get away from Sisqo s Thong Song As Haines points out in the book, by then TotP meant far less than it once did, killed off not so much by the internet as broadband was still not exactly widely available then but by the move from Thursday night to Friday, which killed off its did you see watercooler playground discussion appealAfter the dissolution of Black Box Recorder, Haines finds himself working to put together a musical about property magnate and latter day Rachman, Nicholas Van Hoogstraaten It s another episode that had me wondering for a moment if it was a joke a parody of the sort of thing that might be expected to excite the kind of people who determine the programming at the National Theatre and on perhaps on some level it was but if so, it was one that Haines was able to keep a straight face about for long enough to get development money out of the NT.On one level, this is the story of failure specifically the failure to sell many records I wonder if Sarah Nixey really did believe Haines when he told her he would make her a pop star But really, its the exact opposite of that the story of a determined eccentric, a real one off, refusing to kowtow to the commercial pressures of the day, ploughing his own furrow, and making the records he wants to make And making a living out of it along the way At least I assume he does Perhaps he was independently wealthy all along and is burning through a vast inherited fortune there is, as another reviewer pointed out none of that David Copperfield crap in this book Another fantastic memoir from Haines a must for anyone with any interest in British music. I like Haines because in my mind he is the last in the line of muscians artists writers who were painfully aware of 20th century art in all mediums film music visual art lit and didn t give a F k about conforming to commercial pressures, until when he wanted to facts of life and had a brief fling with chart success This book charts that period, and although not as wonderful as the first book, Haine s voice is snarky, sharp, and precise as always.Luke Haine s music is not for everyone, and his writing might appear too cynical to some, but in a way I m glad that he remains an outsider, free to keep working on whatever project takes his fancy Never a dull moment with Luke. Really wonderful Not quite as cutting as Bad Vibes but still amazing. I am still very much working my way through birthday present reading at the moment what with one thing and another Thanks to Jo for this one, which is a terrific prezzie I d give this a 7 if we could mark out of 10 full marks have to be held back for the cream of the crop, whilst I had to take a mark off Luke Haines here for not being as good as Bill Drummond at this sort of thing and for two or three unreadable sections purporting to be from the viewpoint of his cat or some such nonsense A couple of enjoyable quotes from the book to share, including this about a senior figure in the music publishing game eminently adaptable for academic publishing The ex NME editor is now a big cream bun in the world of magazine publishing, keeping a big twatty eye over a handful of music publications This is rather like lording it over a bucket of shit Sure, you can strut around telling the bucket of shit what to do, you can have a tantrum and kick the bucket of shit over You can even have an affair with your bucket of shit When it comes to the bucket of shit, you are the boss But therein lies the problem it s only a bucket of shit, and you have constructed an empire around it your time on Earth has been wasted and you may as well end it right now In our age of no imagination, no moderately successful group will split up for longer than six months, and Primal Scream themselves will never split up, they will always be on hand to put a reassuring arm around the bloated corpse of a legend, ushering them through a lucrative yet humiliating dance of death on MC5 When a man wants to have an alehouse meltdown, the worst thing you can do is stand in his way I had to love this book since whenever I see my name in print I have an orgasm and I m mentioned several times in this tome But fear not I also gave Luke s first book Bad Vibes a five star rating and I m not mentioned once in that Bad Vibes is great and this is even better because it mentions me and tells it like it is about what a terrible album London Calling by The Clash is among others I don t see eye to eye with Luke about all his musical tastes or indeed the best way to make scrambled eggs, but these are minor quibbles and overall Post Everything is a side splittingly funny insight into the world of rock and roll Were the pages of my copy of this book not so sticky I might make some detailed points but hey what do you really need to know ^READ EBOOK ↬ Post Everything ↬ Britain In The Late S Post Britpop The Dawn Of The Rock And Roll Apocalypse If It Feels Like There S Nothing New Under The Sun, That S Because There Is Nothing New Under The Sun After The Death Of Kurt Cobain Popular Culture Entered, And Is Still In, Its Final Phase Post Everything Post Everything Is The Sequel To The Hugely Acclaimed Bad Vibes Britpop And My Part In Its Downfall It Is A Story Of Survival In The Music Industry And The Only Way To Survive The Tyrannical Scourge Of Britpop Is To Become An OutsiderWe Open With Luke Haines The Avant Garde Arthur Scargill Calling Upon The Nation S Pop Stars To Down Tools And Go On Strike We Get The Story Of Haines Post Britpop Art House Trio Black Box Recorder Chas And Dave With A Chanteuse Then, Barely Pausing To Put In A Brief Appearance On Top Of The Pops, We Meet A Talking Cat, Two Dead Rappers Notorious BIG And Tupac Shakur , A Mystical England Football Manager, And A Shady Transgender German Professor Exponent Of A Dangerous And Radical Beatles Denial Cult And Author Of The Theorem Of The Moron The Most Important Book About Rock That You Ve Never Heard Of Haines Even Finds Time To Write A Musical For The National TheatreBlisteringly Funny And Searingly Scathing, Post Everything May Quite Possibly Be The First And Only Truly Surreal Comic Rock Memoir It Even Contains A Killer Recipe For Scrambled Eggs