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I read Hetty Feather last week after a recommendation from one of the girls at my Diving group She also told me to read Sapphire Battersea, but at the time I didn t realise they were connected When I finished Hetty Feather I was disappointed that the story hadn t finished but then I looked up this one and found it was the second one in what will be a trilogy, so of course I had to request it to read.I started this in my lunch break today, I had the evening in so when I got home from work I sat down to continue and read for just an hour, well 2 hours later I had finished the entire book I just couldn t make myself put it down I was swept up in Hetty s world and couldn t leave.This book carries on right where book 1 finishes, Hetty is now 14 and getting ready to leave the Children s Foundling hospital, fully trained and ready to go into work as a servant, she doesn t want the life of a servant but she knows it s the only way to stay close to her mother However just before she leaves her mother is discovered and sent away, alone again Hetty fears what will become of her.She is set up in a good position as a house maid to a well known author As a budding writer herself Hetty has ideas of grandeur, sure he will see her talent and take her under his wing, but life is never that simple for Hetty.When things go wrong she is on her own again, her life is a confusion and she must deal with conflicted love, loss and self discovery In this book you meet Bertie the Butchers boy, although he can seem a little bit simple, he has a great heart and a good sense of humour and as he lights up Hetty s world, he seems to light up the page too, I couldn t help but like him.I though Jem would featurein this book but apart from a quick glimpse and some letters he is still absent, i am hoping he will come back in book 3, but i m also sort of hoping that he has changed and Hetty doesn t end up with him, but that s just personal preference The setting is well researched and clear, I could visualize the entire place throughout.A thoroughly enjoyable book by Wilson, I know I am really too old for these books now, but there is a certain charm about them that makes them a pleasure to read Some of her work is a bit samey and predictable but this one has a freshness to it.Definitely worth a read. Woooowww soo cool. I got the first book, Hetty Feather on my 14th birthday and absolutely fell in love with it I adored Hetty s relationship with her foster brother Jem and dearly hoped that she would find him again in Sapphire Battersea I was kinda disappointed BUT I was quite happy with Bertie, he was a hilarious character and frankly quite fun on practising a Cockney accent on I really can t wait until the 3rd and final book Emerald Star I just have a feeling that it s going to be a fantastic end to the series, even though I wish it could go on and on forever How, when I first read this, did I only read one chapter Sidenote how does Hetty keep getting herself in these situations It s fascinating to follow her life and all the crazy things that happen to her, wonderful or not If you fell in love with Hetty Feather in her first book, do not despair you can follow her further adventures as she grows up in two sequels, Sapphire Battersea and Emerald Star In Sapphire Battersea, Hetty is 14, has discovered who her mother really is, and begins the life the Foundling Hospital has prepared her for as a scullery maid But fate has other things in store for Hetty including a stint as a pocket sized mermaid in a freak show. When I realised that this novel was the second part of a trilogy I was a little concerned that, having not read any Wilson before and therefore not having read the first novel, I would be a little lost However, that was not the case at all Wilson appears to have developed the characters in this novel completely independently of the first book so you can easily read it as a stand alone.Although older than the target market, I really liked this book Hetty Feather Sapphire Battersby is a really lovely character who is always up to mischief This novel follows her journey after leaving the Foundling Hospital where she was left by her mother as a child.Hetty has many adventures in this novel, from working as a maid for an author, to performing in a freak show and visiting a seance, and meets some brilliant charaters along the way I particularly loved Bertie, who Hetty spends many an interesting Sunday afternoon with, and thought he was a really lovely character and the interaction between the two were very funny and endearing.Full of twists and turns, highs and very lows, this novel is really good, and I think any young girl reading this would really enjoy it and be drawn into the world of Hetty Feather. I Loved It Jackie Is By Far my Favourite Author As Soon As i Read Hetty Feather i Thought, This Cant be The End So As Soon As Sapphire Battersea Came Out I Brought It Straight Away And finished It With in a Week I Was Very Surprised When i found Out About Hetty s Mum, It Was a Brilliant Story And i look Forward To Any Jacqueline Wilson Books coming Out x I love all of jaquiline Wilson {Ebook} ⚛ Sapphire Battersea í A Fascinating, Funny And Moving Victorian Novel Featuring Hetty FeatherHetty Feather Was Just A Baby When Her Mother Left Her At The Foundling Hospital Hetty Longed To Find Her Real Mum And Finally Her Wish Was Granted But Just As They Have Found Each Other, They Are Separated Again, As Hetty Leaves The Home To Become A Maid Of All Work To Mr Buchanan Set In London In The S, This Sequel To Hetty Featheris A Wonderfully Evocative And Original Historical Novel, Perfect For Girls Of Eight And Older Setelah menamatkan buku pertamanya Hetty Feather. kini petualangan di buku kedua juga seru abis Sampe bela2in baca ampe tengah fajar walaupun tebel, ga berasa saking serunya Hetty yang telah mengetahui ibu kandungnya adalah Ida Battersea, yang merupakan pelayan muda di Foundling Hospital, merasa sangat bahagia namun kebahagiaan itu seakan hanya melekat sementara pada diri Hetty lagi2 ia dipisahkan dari ibu kandungnya..Matron Bottomly bau panggilan dari Hetty, langsung memecat dan mengusir Ida tanpa surat referensi sedikitpun.Beruntung Mrs Smith yang baik hati yang merupakan salah satu dewan governor, memberikan surat referensi kepada Ibu Hetty dan memberikan pekerjaan kepadanya di suatu daerah pantai yang indah.Kini Hetty kecil telah berusia 14 tahun dan akan menjalani masa2 sebagai seorang pelayan Hetty kontan mengingkari menjadi seorang pelayan , karena cita2nya adalah menjadi penulis terkenal Namun, berkat bantuan tak lagi dan tak bukan dari MRS Smith, Hetty akan menjadi pelayan seorang penulis terkenal bernama MR Buchannan Ia akan menjadi pelayan muda yang membantu kepala pelayan bernama Mrs Briskett dan Sarah.Petualangan Hetty pun dimulai lagi, ia tinggal di London yang merupakan kota besar dan mewah karena selama ini ia terkurung dalam Foundling Hospital, ia sangat lugu dan tidak tau apapun mengenai teknologi dan kemodisan para orang kaya disana, ia terkagum2.Sebelum ia naik kereta kuda menuju ke London, ia berpapasan dengan pemuda cakap yang berdada bidang dan tinggi yang ternyata adalah Jem, saudara tirinya di desa. namun ia batu tersadar ketika telah naik kereta kuda ia bertanya2 apakah Jem benar2 akan menjemputnya dan sama sekalu tidak melupakannya Belum lagi di London ia bertemu Bertie, pemuda sebaya nya yang 1 tahun lebih tua darinya Bertie sangat ceplas ceplos dan apa adanya serta bermukut sangat manis, alias pintar merayu ia sangat menyukai Hetty dan berusaha meluluhkan hati Hetty..Hetty yang selama ini di Foundling Hospital tidak pernah dipuji dan lebih sering dihukum, sangat senang ketika Bertie selalu memuji nya, entah itu rambutnya indah, matanya biru cantik, dllPerjalanan Hetty menjadi seorang dewasa dan menambah pengalaman hidupnya dimulai.Ga sabar mau lanjutin buku terakhirnya