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Luna Llena comienza poco semanas despu s de el final del primer libro, mostr ndonos ahora a otra protagonista Lindsey sera nuestra narradora, y la veremos superar sus miedos y dudas antes de que la luna llena cambie para siempre su piel.Aqu tomar la decisi n de quien sera su compa ero de por vida no es cosa f cil, por un lado tenemos a su mejor amigo, el bellisimo Connor, al que conoce desde ni a y al que siempre hab a imaginado como su pareja, y tenemos al sexy Rafe, apasionado y oscuro, que viene a cambiar su tranquilidad Hab a pensado que bamos en la b squeda de la cosa m s peligrosa del bosque Hab a estado equivocada Justo en este momento, la cosa mas peligrosa que pod a enfrentar tenia sus brazos envueltos a mi alrededor y nunca me hab a sentido tan incre blemente segura.Una buena continuaci n para esta serie, que mejora en cada libro. This was a good sequel Although, let it be known that this is one of those series that you know will never be great You just hope that you will like it enough I do feel that Lindsey was a better MC Maybe it s because I liked her story better Some of the things were wrapped up nicely but sadly one thing will not be until the last book I just hope I don t lose interest by then. DOWNLOAD ⚖ Full Moon ☩ Lindsey Es Rebelde E Imprudente, Quiz Porque Siempre Le Han Organizado La Vida Sus Padres Se Encuentran Entre Los Miembros M S Poderosos De Los Guardianes Ocultos, Una Antigua Tribu De Lic Ntropos, Y Hace Tiempo Que Concertaron El Compromiso De Lindsey Y Connor La Pr Xima Luna Llena Se Acerca, Y Entonces El Compromiso Ser Definitivo No Habr Vuelta Atr S Lindsey Tendr A Que Estar Exultante De Felicidad Entonces, Por Qu No Puede Dejar De Pensar En El Atractivo E Inquietante Rafe Cuando La Manada Es Capturada, Ella Y Rafe Tendr N Que Trabajar Juntos Para Salvarlos Lindsey Tendr Que Elegir Entre La Amistad Y El Amor Verdadero Pero Escuchar A Su Coraz N Puede Tener Consecuencias Terribles Rachel Hawthorne has this incredible ability to make her characters seem so real, even if they are supernatural Her female characters have this affect of me that no matter how they are described to be i always find a small part of me in them When you read her books, particularly the Dark Guardian Series, you sense feel this automatic connection with her characters and that s what makes me love the books all the.So, there s a little drama in this one Its every girls dream to have guys fight over you but you don t have any idea what you re signing yourself to when you decide to take this roller coaster ride Lindsey s struggle is what defines the whole novel How do you chose between the guy whose been there your whole life and shared almost every first with you and the guy who you just got attracted to over the summer Just like Moonlight, light and fluffy but completely satisfying I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series I like romances, but if you don t then I probably wouldn t recommend this series. I gave this book a 5 I liked how you get to hear another persons story first book was Kayla So that was a nice twist when I first started reading it I was constantly yelling at this book though especially when I thought Lindsey was definitely going to pick the wrong guy The suspense on who she was going to pick Killed me but I m happy with the outcome Overall it was a good read Can t wait to read the rest of the series. Im a spoiler and spoiler is just an understatement..Beware THIS BOOK IS IN LINDSEY S PERSEPECTIVE.Full Moon picks up where Moonlight left off, only this novel follows Lindsay, Kayla s best friend Lindsay has always known her heritage And when it comes to choosing her mate to transform with for her first full moon, the choice was obvious Connor She and Connor had been best friends their entire life Their parents insist that they re right for each other Connor even had her name tattooed on his shoulder, as all male werewolves do when declaring their mate Only Lindsay s not so sure about her future with Connor any There s no spark in their relationship like there is between Kayla and Lucas In fact, they re like buddies than loves And suddenly Lindsay has developed an unrelenting attraction to Rafe, another male in their pack Good Girls Like Bad Boys Unlike Connor, Rafe is the quiet, mysterious, bad boy type He drives a motorbike and keeps to himself Or at least he used to Since returning from college for the summer, he has also been having a strong attraction to Lindsay, an attraction so strong, he pursues her despite the consequences Choosing a Mate Lindsay is torn and confused She can t deny her strong attraction to Rafe But she doesn t ever want to hurt Connor, especially after saying that he loves her Somehow Lindsay has to choose either Rafe or Connor as her mate before the full moon If she doesn t go through the transformation with someone else specifically her mate she could die But the process is intimate and bonding If she chooses wrong, she could live with regret for the rest of her life review from a person This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I wouldn t deny that I was a bit dissapointed that I wouldn t be reading about Kayla and Lucas which I inadmittedly fell in love with, perhaps because he s mysterious because I would have loved to read about the development of their story, to know if they have a happier ending or face even troubles as they venture throughout their lives, of course do not neglect their about to be shifters friends Still, I would very much prefer if they are still in the spotlight and to read the stoI wouldn t deny that I was a bit dissapointed that I wouldn t be reading about Kayla and Lucas which I inadmittedly fell in love with, perhaps because he s mysterious because I would have loved to read about the development of their story, to know if they have a happier ending or face even troubles as they venture throughout their lives, of course do not neglect their about to be shifters friends Still, I would very much prefer if they are still in the spotlight and to read the story in their perspectives But hey, this is equivalently fun to read as well, because it is as good as Kayla s and Lucas story So this time, the spotlight had been passed down to Lindsey and Connor and Rafe A triagle affair if you would understand And once again, I m intrigued with the tattoo, it always reminded me of a lifetime committment, which is ROMANTIC Overall, this is a story about how Lindsey fought with her inner turmoil Connor had been her best friend since birth and their parents had been pairing them up ever since, they shared a lot of sweet memories and they were compatible for each other in so many ways, so it wouldn t be a surprise if they ended up bonded and became mates On the other hand, Rafe is a total opposite of Connor, he came from a broken family and always never gets what he wants, bad childhood But he has been so sure of Lindsey and now he just have to face another one of the many yet is the hardest obstacle, he has to win her over.As for Lindsey, I think she knew all along that Rafe was the one for her but she sticked to Connor because of guilt, besides, they do love each other, just not as deep as her feelings towards Rafe I knew she would have choosen Rafe eventually, there s no surprise there but what I haven t been prepared for is how she chose him It was shifting night, and she chose Connor to be her mate and I thought that that was the last of it, because Rafe had left and they are so close to mating, but then, BAM in came Rafe and I think Rachel did a good job describing and writing the fight scene as well as Lindsey s turmoil over who she wanted to live It was a battle to death and she knew that if she didn t make the decision earlier, one of them could die I could vividly picture the scene in my head.Also, this book has sparks things up in the Dark Guardian series, Brittany had transformed alone and to read her cold feelings over her transformation had made pitied her in some sort of way , but I knew she would have a happy ending, and something tells me that it has something to do with Connor Oh well, I just have to wait for the next book LOL In a nutshell, I think I am really falling in love with the series and I couldn t wait to read the next book of the series Let me guess, it s Brittany s turn Characters Lindsey Lancaster shifter,is suppose to be commited to conner,eyes are hazel,white blond hair hangs past shoulders,parents pushed her and conner together,sherpa,loves outdoors like every other sherpas,grown up in tarrant,big in academics,dating conner since 16,dad is a lawyer,always gets what she wants,had a breakup with conner,loves chocolate donuts,sleek body,knows how to ride a motorbike rafe taught her in case of a emergency ,got bit by a rutriller,and got shot on the shoulder when escaping,her 17 th b day came while she was recovering,waterfall liar is one of her favorites,blue is favorite color,went to etiquette class when 12 with conner,A beautiful white, like the Arctic wolf.Mr.Lancaster Lawyer,married,shifter of corse ,brown eyes,dark hair with alittle silver at the temples,lindsey s dad,took to the waterfall liar when she transformed,accepted rafe just fine.Mrs.Lancaster Married,lindey s mom,blond hair,accepted rafe just fine.Conner has lindsey s name tattooed on his left back shoulder,is commited to lindsey in the beggining ,two yrs older than lindsey,blond hair, his blue eyes,long fingers,sherpa,knows about rafe liking lindsey but not the other way around,big into super heroe stuff,dark guardian,dating linsey since 18,dad is a lawyer,fun,golden furred,eagle scout,in college,cant read minds when in human form,broke up with lindsey,he was the reason rafe was assigned another task instead of sherpa,got shot too on shoulder during escape cause bullet went through lindsey,gave lindsey his blood when she was in the wolford hospital,has same blood type as lindsey,gave lindsey a present for her b day a gold chain with a small, perfectly round pearl dangling from it suppose to represent full moon,went to etiquette class when 14.Brittany Reed not seventeen yet,thinks shes a shifter but actually human,known lindsey since kindergarten,deep blue eyes,black hair,no one has declared her yet as their mate ,sherpa,in love with conner,hot,in shape,has static vibe coming off her,her dad lived in europe part of a clan,elders picked out a name for a male for brittany cause they were worried she wouldnt have a male to be with during transformation..the guy is daniel their just seeing if there is any chemistry between them if they put daniel in as a newbie sherpa ,black hair and blue eyes,her transformation was on the same day as lindsey s,but just diff locations,her mom is in europe,went through the transformation alone but didnt transform..thats when she found out she was static.Rafe Lowell has lindsey s name tatooed on his back,is commited to lindsey at the end ,is lindsey s TRUE mate,goes to college,quiet,only speaks when has something important to say,dark brown eyes,black wolf with brown eyes,lucas s second in command,thick, straight hair brushed along his shoulders and was the black of a moonless night, nearly matching eyes the shade of hot fudge,sherpa,his dad died when drunk and behind the wheel car crash ,shifter,rides a motor bike,grown up in tarrant,stealed a car and got arrested after his dad died,hasnt done anything wrong since,got reassigned not a sherpa any..daniel took his place ,prototype he was working on a two wheeler all terrain vehicle that could cut a neat swath through the forest without struggling over rugged ground,he s a mechanical genius,lives for danger,dark guardian,sharp nose,always seemed older, stronger than the others,always wanted things he couldn t have, things he d never been able to afford it, all serious, dark, and foreboding,left handed,fur was as black as his hair, so black that at certain angles it appeared a deep blue,two yrs older than lindsey,saved linsey from a mountain cougar,can read minds when in werewolf form,can read mind in human form thought at a time barely im talking about how he can read lindsey s thought w o being a wolf..probaly only mates can read each others thoughts without having to be a wolf, conner is not lindsey s mate since he cant read her thoughts w o being a wolf ,was a natural leader,understanding,his dad use to beat him alot,he is glad his dad died,biocrome used a tracking device on his bike to find the cavern and trap conner,rafe, and lucas while they were sleeping,was bait when saving kayla,conner,and lucas,was there when lindsey chose conner,always noticed lindsey since middle school,right when conner and lindsey were waiting for the zenith of the moon he came out and challenged conner lindsey stoped the fight by yelling she choosed rafe ,is chosen by lindsey to be her mate,got to experience transformation with lindsey lindsey s transformation.Kayla shifter,already went through her first moon in first book ,lucas is her destined mate,raised by outsiders statics humans ,parents killed by drunk hunters,red furred,dark guardian,sherpa,red hair flows past her shoulders,pale blue eyes,freakles,can read minds in any form.Lucas is kayla s destined mate,shifter,Lucas s coat was a combination of black, white, silver, and brown,alpha leader of sherpa s and shifters,dark guardian,sherpa,only he and kayla can read each other s mind in any form.Dr Keane was the lead scientist at Bio Chrome and one of the masterminds behind the plan to study shifters,captured most of the sherpas,knows there are such things as werewolves,knows also there is a village but not where.Mason lead scientist son,one of the masterminds behind the plan to study werwolves,green eyes,hair covering a eye,captured conner,kayla, and lucas while they were sleeping causing rafe and lindsey to go rescue them ,brown hair,cute in hollywood bad guy kind of way.Elder Wilde Lucas s grandfather.Daniel from seattle,name was shuffled out of a box for him to join as a sherpa and see if theres any chemistry between him and brittany,Dark Guardian,black hair in a buzzed style, which was unusual..most of the guys wore longer hair,he s actually not a shapeshifter as in shaping into a wolf..he actually turns into a panther u will find this out in 4th book ,cute,someone killed him.Dallas guy who d played pool with Brittany,met him at the bar,finds out werewolves do exist when rafe transformed to save lindsey,he workED for bio chromes quit ten days ago b4 her found out about werewolves ,stalked the sharpas to find out mason s werewolves are true myth belief,tall, with lanky black hair and a couple of days beard growth,one of the bio crome dogs attacked him and thats how he died.Facts Shifters can t control the first transformation When the full moon rises, our bodies react to its call summer solstice, the longest day of the year, is usually a time when as many of our kind as possible come together to celebrate our existence Wolford a village hidden deep within a huge national forest near the Canadian border All that remained there of what had once been a vibrant community were a few small buildings and the massive, mansionlike structure that serves as the home of the elders who rule over us scientists who work for a medical research company called Bio Chrome were determined to capture shifters and discover what makes us tick or important, what makes us transform They wanted to patent this ability, develop it, and use it for their own financial gain a girl couldn t survive the first transformation if she went through it alone sherpa our name for those who guide campers into the heart of the wilderness and ensure they come nowhere near our hidden sites Those who could shift had the keen night vision of a wolf, even when they weren t in wolf form After the initial transformation, we brought many of our enhanced abilities back to shifter s human shape Smell is one of a Shifter s most powerful senses We aren t into perfumes or artificial fragrances Pheromones, the very essence of a person, appeal to shifters The Celtic symbol is always intricate and unreadable, decipherable only by the male until he shares it with the female One of the perks of being able to shift was rapid cell rejuvenation Unless we received a fatal head or heart wound or the weapon that struck us was silver, we had the ability to heal quickly When we shift, we become telepathic It s how we communicate with others while in wolf form As a bonus, we can also read the minds of those who aren t in wolf form Our healing abilities were one of the reasons that Bio Chrome was interested when a person lies the scent of their skin changes the SLY FOX is all the sherpa s favorite place to hang out..kinda like a club Reading each others your mates mind is based on the relationship type of bond actually maybe biocrome owns a lab near the national forest,northeast to the corner..thats where the equipment is and stuff and they have ARMED guards there there are hidden lairs all over the forest shifters stored food, extra clothes, and any other essentials we thought someone might need if separated from the pack, hurt, or in trouble first transformation always occurred in the forest, away from other Shifters shifters are stronger than wild wolves When we are bitten by one of our kind, the wound we receive doesn t heal as quickly as those delivered by other animals Something in our saliva stops the healing process that usually occurs when we re injured while in wolf form part of the ritual is the male makes the pallot for the mates to sleep on after the transformation True mates can read each other s mind in whatever form,anytime,anywhere,its like cell phones but only to your mate. So the covers of the Dark Guardian books have large faces on them that I find kind of creepy, especially when you leave the book on the floor then trip over it in the middle of the night and all you see is a face staring back at you..but that s all kind of moot since the cover doesn t affect weather I like a book or not Now onto my thoughtsThings I liked Nice, easy, short read The language is not hard to decipher Forbidden love sigh is there anything romantic The parts where Rafe Lindsey are alone, and Lindsey is trying to ignore her feelings for Rafe I quite enjoyed Props for the character names, I liked them all, they are different, but not so different that I can t pronounce them I especially like the name Rafe, as one of my favorite novels Once Upon A Dream by Katherine Kingsley has the main character s name as Rafe I never felt bored with the story, which I say is a plus, since it happens in books than I would like I thought the way Lindsey s feelings where described were accurate, when it came to truly caring about two guys at the same time, how she didn t want to hurt either one of them, trying to please both just ended up hurting herself I thought it was well done.Things I Disliked There is a ton of recap, and a lot of explanation that I didn t think was needed since it was explained in the first book Also some of the explanations of the wolves habits abilities that was new didn t really need to be there either since you could probably figure out what was going on without it I thought that Lindsey s best friend, Kayla, who is the main character in the first book, was a little annoying in this one, she came off like a mom Giving Lindsey advice and opinions when it was obvious that Lindsey didn t need it It s a shame since I really liked Kayla in the first book, and since she didn t grow up with the wolves everything was new to Kayla in the first book, where Lindsey knew pretty much everything about them.Overall I liked it, I think about the same as I liked the first one but I can t say for sure since it s been awhile since I read it I look forward to reading the 3rd book Dark Of The Moon, that was released Aug 25.I give this a solid 3 out of 5, entertaining, but it didn t have anything to go crazy for I would recommend this series for anyone looking for an easy read, especially if you don t have time to read a longer book. Tipujem, e ke vy la prv as , prebehol niekde vo vydavate stve, v dial gu autorka recenzent, alebo priamo pri zdroji tento my lienkov pochod Romantika v prvej knihe je copy paste Bella Edward Odkedy na a Bella uvid n ho Edwarda, nemysl na ni in a napriek citom k n mu Jacobovi a ani na chv u nezapochybuje, e Edward je pre u v jej estn stich rokoch Ten prav na cel ivot Tak e aby n s prestali obvi ova z in pir cie, v druhej asti potrebujeme nie o plne opa n Hrdinka druhej asti ka d kniha je pr beh jednej postavy cel knihu chod od hrdinu A spolo n minulos k hrdinovi B dobre sa bozk va Ke je s hrdinom A, mysl na hrdinu B, a ke je s hrdinom B, mysl na hrdinu A, a tis c kr t v knihe zopakuje, e miluje oboch, a nevie sa medzi nimi rozhodn Kamar t, alebo bozk va , kamar t, alebo bozk va , mamma m a, ktor ho si vybra , ona predsa miluje oboch narazAk ste zabehnut itate , u teraz viete, ktor mu hrdinovi d napokon prednos.6 10 Book two in the Dark Guardian series follows Lindsey Kayla s best friend from book one I was looking forward to hearing Lindsey s story, I really enjoyed her character in Moonlight and she was enjoyable in Full Moon as well I m not really big on love triangles, especially when they are really drawn out, like this one kind of was I was getting a little tired of the back and forth, especially when the choice was so obvious There were some good moments with Lindsey and Conner, as well as with Lindsey and Rafe There wasn t as much action in this one as there had been in Moonlight, but it still moved along quickly and kept my attention Overall, I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading Dark of the Moon which will be from Brittany s point of view. Awesome book I ve got to say I think this series, the Dark Guardians, rates higher for me than the Twilight series which has been such a rave amongst many readers, even myself Even though the books are not very long, and I always end up wanting , I enjoyed every moment, every word written In this particular book Lindsey struggles with the decision of choosing the right mate for herself Her two choices are Connor the parent approved long time friend who she s been destined to mate with since she was little, or Rafe the brooding, quiet bad boy, who stirs her senses.I love the way Rachel Hawthorne captures the feeling of the characters, and weaves a continuing story throughout the two books that I ve read so for Yesterday I purchased the third book Dark of the Moon and can t wait to get started.Although I think this series was just supposed to be a trilogy I m happy to have discovered that the fourth book is in the works and will be coming out in March of 2010.I ll be waiting