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Started this way back during the summer holidays but never got round to finishing it.It is all about how girls today are growing up far too quickly and how we can help them be confident about who they are not who they think everyone wants to see and be friends with It reminded me about some of the stuff I covered for my OU courses It looks at how whatever way girls look they are bombarded with images of beautiful women, femininity and sex Bratz dolls which young girls used to have look like mini sex dolls, why do barbies which most girls have have boobs should they not really be playing with dolls which resemble themselves as girls.Primary aged girls 9and some younger are being led to believe that being thin is everything and marrying a footballer or star is an ambition.This book looks at how you can help your daughter s self esteem and find images of positive female role models There are lots of quotes from girls and it focuses on young girls as well as teens as they tend to see the world slightly differently Experts help you understand how the girls are feeling it does seem as if they really did get to know some of the young people they spoke to and give you advice as to how to handle situations For example, limit your teens use of the mobile but don t remove it completely as they a lifeline to most girls and would be totally inappropriate in today s lifestyle.Some things were common sense to me but I work with children teens , some ideas were things I would never have considered and just a few I thought would never work but not many @Download ¹ Where Has My Little Girl Gone? ⚡ Tanith Carey Is A Successful Journalist And Mother Of Two Girls When Her Year Old Came Home From School One Day Saying She Needed To Diet, She Was Shocked The D Word Is One Tanith Never Uses Since That Day She Has Encountered Surprises Her Daughter Is Already Fighting Battles Of Self Image That Used To Be Preserve Of Much Older Girls, And She Needs Parental Help To Win Them A Recent Home Office Review Of The Sexualization Of Girls Has Shown That Girls Are Feeling Pressure To Conform To Certain Ideas Of Beauty At Earlier And Earlier Ages There Are Several Books On The Subject By Sociologists And Feminists, Analyzing The Trend But There Is No Book On The Market For Parents Of Girls Equipping Them To Provide Support, For Difficult Conversations, And Enabling Their Girls To Be Happy And Confident Drawing On Her Own Experience As Well As The Expertise Of Psychologists And Specialists, Tanith Carey Offers Parents Just This I liked this than So Sexy So Soon, which covered similar ground Tanith Carey comes across as younger and tech savvy and is an excellent writer and researcher Despite the book being written in British, I found great information and even websites, for one, and products like The Art of Children s Conversation which is for sale on I did have to look up references like X Factor, Mary Whitehouse homophobic BBC basher , Mufti Days like Casual Fridays , etc but that s all interesting too Carey divides her book into 3 sections Mum, Dad, can I have a nose job, please , How self esteem and communication are your daughter s best defence, and Growing up in the X rated society I like how each section is presented first for parents of younger girls and then for those with older girls this way I got to read about what we should be doing now and also how best to prepare for what s coming She gives excellent proactive advice, and I love that she doesn t sugarcoat it I think the problem with a lot of books on the subject of consumerism preying on children, and sexualization of little girls in particular is that the general population doesn t see it as a problem, so it s boring reading for those of us who do worry about it preaching to the choir , and so this author is grabbing them and shaking them, Stop talking about diets all the time, and commenting on the way people look instead of their deeds and words and accomplishments, and don t be Facebooking all day, look at what all that s doing to your kids Like most books of this sort, this is a mixture of helpful advice, ridiculous nonsense and the bloomin obvious. Lots of valuable stuff in here I got it so I could relate to my 13 year old niece, but it really would be better to be read for those with very young girls It s quite emotive and has a slight scare mongery tinge to it, but then again, you could say that s with good reason which is why I ve rated it four stars If you want to influence your daughter, grandaughter, niece or friend s child in a positive way, this book is a good read. I was surprised, but not really by how much our culture affects a young girl The need to have a certain body image and great parenting is the basis of the book.