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couldn t get into this a poem review for a book of poetry i do not have an amputee fetish the other day i saw a man with a hook for a hand and the hook was two hooksthat scissored together to grab thingsand i wondered if it was wired into his tendons somehowor how that worked and i looked at my hand and flexed my fingers without even really having to think about itand if i had a hook for a hand or like edwardscissors i could still hold a girl without armsbut she wouldnt be able tohold me 3.5 This is a pretty perplexing read at times It s kind of fragmented and stitched together Sometimes it feels like the poem you re reading is the Frankenstein monster of several other poems, but somehow this works.Or it works in a way It s highly lyrical and visual and chaotic It s hard to really capture what s being done on these pages without just putting it in front of you, but I dig it in a way that s hard to explain.Maybe I won t like it tomorrow or maybe I ll love itFor right now, it s a very interesting read. paralyzed by the grass of it. The trouble in reviewing a book like Brandon Shimoda s The Girl Without Arms is that no matter what the reviewer says, no matter what excerpts are culled, the text will remain very difficult to define without simply saying go read this book for yourself and see what you find in it Read the full review at PANK |Download ☩ The Girl Without Arms ⚖ Poetry THE GIRL WITHOUT ARMS Is A Figure In Japanese Folklore A Young Girl Whose Arms Are Lopped Off By Her Father, And Is Left To Die In The Mountains The Father, At The Behest Of His Evil Wife The Girl S Stepmother Lures The Girl Into The Mountains At The Promise Of Attending A Neighboring Festival This Is Only The Beginning Of The Tale The Poems Of Brandon Shimoda S THE GIRL WITHOUT ARMS Are Birthed Of The Rainy Shut In Pause Between Steps Forward And Back In A Season Of Great Floods In Successive And Interlocked Sequences, These Poems Grapple With A Seemingly Unbridgeable Confusion Related To Love, The Impossibility Of Life Outside Of Love, And The Unbearableness Of Life Within It As A Way To Give Shape To The Dark Weather That Permeates Our Lives, So As Not To Drown At Its Coming A very intense poetry read Perhaps too intense at times The language is thick with sex, want, cruelty, and violent realizations of a self nourished by mother s milk.