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really disappointing ending. VOYA review 1999 Read Book ♀ To Dance at the Palais Royale ♼ Winner Of Three Historical Fiction Awards Year Old Aggie, A Newly Arrived Immigrant Working As A Domestic, Is Tormented By Her Trouble Making Sister And An Overbearing Housekeeper Luckily, Aggie Is Soon Befriended By A Rich, Young, Idealistic Girl Named Rose Who Convinces Her To Dress Like A Lady And Attend A Dance At The Palais Royale Rose S Brother Falls For Aggie, But Her Deceptive Appearance Hides The Truth About Her Social Class And Sets Her Up For Heartache A bit of a slow start, but a masterful and satisfying conclusion that will leave any reader glad they made the effort Simultaneously an enthralling portrayal of young Toronto in the early years of the 20th century. This is the book I have reread than any other A beautiful coming of age story, complete with friendship, heartbreak, and a wonderful love story I love the history of Toronto mixed in with this story I read this book when I was even younger than Aggie in the book, and I still try to catch a glimpse of the Palais Royale when I pass it on the highway. I thought this was a lovely book The story is lively and keeps the reader wondering what will happen next My only complaint is that there are a lot of loose ends that I wish had have been tied up Maybe the author wants to keep the reader guessing or wants the reader to choose what happens to Agnes and her family on their own Either way I think it would have been better if all those little things got tied up Still, amazing book Four stars for this beautiful piece of writing NOTEThe description of this book is nothing at all like how it is Yes, the things in the description here on goodreads is correct for a part of it but, it only summarizes three chapters Also, Agnes isn t even 14, she s 17 A true description would be Agnes Maxwell is a poor off Scottish girl who travels to Canada by her sister Emma s orders after their brother dies in hopes of bringing her whole family to Canada one day Through her travels in Canada Agnes meets with heartache and issues and maybe even love. A rather uneven story that seems to go in one direction and then veers off in another, leaving the reader wondering about characters that played such a large part in the first half Worth the read, but it could have been so much. A long book, but a really good one At one point in this book, McNaughton seemed set to give us a fairy tale, complete with a prince to sweep our Cinderella into a life of ease She doesn t, which is far satisfying.Aggie s journey is the focus here From child to woman, from coal miner s daughter to immigrant, from scared and shy to owning her own choices I really appreciated the unexpected details the young Jewish wife haunted by pogroms, the older sister who isn t making the best choices, the space characters give each other to think I put this on my daughter s list of choices of books for Gr 9 Canadian Studies because I thought it might be a nice change an immigrant story rather than a pioneer narrative, the depiction of domestic servants in a recent setting, the clash between the dreams of a modern century and the realities of class I m happy that she chose it and so I got to read it, too. I enjoyed this thoughtful well written novel, set in the 1920s in Toronto It was definitely a slice of life story, focusing on relatable day to day events, but with enough drama and historical detail to hold my interest I found the main character likable and the setting easy to visualize The pace held steady throughout, leading to a pleasing conclusion.