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If you dare to step into a true understanding of enlightenment and our True nature, this book points to the mind blowing beauty of perfect awareness or That or Reality As the ancients and yogis have described for ages, That cannot be described only experienced But reading Carse s book leads the mind into possibilities that it can barely conceive No seeking or self help here Everything is perfect as is and only a lucky few ever receive the gift of stepping out of the game to find no one is home The individual is no longer A daring, beautiful, literally mind blowing book. This author, David Carse, suddenly awakened and he disappeared His sense of himself as a separate individual was gone The book was fascinating and funny. This book is superb It is a fascinating description of Carse s spontaneous enlightenment total loss of self during a trip to the jungle, as well as an account of his experiences around Advaitic seekers as he tries to back fit an explanation of what had happened Piggybacking off these autobiographical accounts are reflections on a whole variety of issues concerning nondual awareness, the pitfalls of seeking, and the whole panoply of exploitative and deluded behaviours that plague the guru circuit It circles round in a way that can seem repetitive but that is necessary to make the insights three dimensional the circling around means you approach things from successive different directions Is it an advanced book It has some very challenging insights to share, certainly, but should it be read before reading very many of the easier texts that abound Yes, I think so It equips the reader with some very good questions to ask around the whole industry of enlightenment and may save a lot of wasted time and effort. I know non duality teaching is about repeating this is all there is in different ways, but in this case that message could have done with some editing The book tends to ramble and repeat and go off on sidelines quite a lot Not that there is any sideline, or any book, or anything etc etc. [ FREE PDF ] ♊ Perfect Brilliant Stillness ♲ An Intimate Account Of Spontaneous Spiritual Enlightenment And Its Implications In A Life Lived Beyond The Individual Self It Is So Rare To See Any Work That Holds That Essential And Fundamental Perception Without Compromise Your Book Is A Beacon Which Can Shine Through All Of The Fog And Nonsense That Is Broadcast Under The Name Of Advaita Or Non Duality Especially As That Expression Comes Out Of No One Tony Parsons Author Of The Open Secret, As It Is And All There Is This Book Is A Gonzo Gita A Gone So Song Of God A Soaring, Rampaging Loving Outpouring Of Unmanifest Source Displayed In Manifest Consciousness, Playing A Complex Spiritual Melody Through The Hollow Bamboo Flute Of A Vermont Farmer Carpenter Building Contractor Who Was All But Ignorant Of The Non Dual Tradition Before A Disorienting Full Enlightenment Struck And He Realized There S Nobody Home Robert Gussner PhD, Professor Emeritus, University Of Vermont Dept Of Religion Straight down the line look at non duality with no frills attached DC tells it like it is, for someone who apparently woke up accidentally, while in the jungle DC is uncompromising in his outlook and views about nonduality there being nobody to awaken, and no method or path to get there It either happens or not As such, the book is of a monologue on what non duality is and isn t It won t be particularly helpful for those after a progressive path, but may help remove some of the delusions that seekers have about what enlightenment is and what it might be like The author also didn t copyright the book, or hold seminars, etc., which goes against the grain of what most modern guru teachers seem to do. I absolutely love this book David Carse takes you beyond where most spiritual teachers go, beyond places where the therapists or healers go and beyond where most spiritual seekers ever expect to end up This is a true account of a sudden unexpected Awakening and an excellent attempt to explain what which is beyond explanationDavid Carse s direct approach is not for the faint hearted and he will offend some readers as he scoffs at the Goa hippy circuit and the spiritual seekers impossible attempts to adapt enlightenment to a mundane life This author is not out to make friends but to communicate the experience or rather, non experience, lol of a state which is completely beyond ordinary reality That is just my kind of book Yes Truth, Oneness, One Thing Going On A special book Highly intelligent and a description of the space beyond intelligence, enlightenment A profound masterpiece.