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^READ KINDLE ⇣ Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State: Chapter 6: The Jesuits as the Vatican’s Order of Assassins ⇻ EXTRACTSPrior To Examining The Next Chapter Addressing The Pope And Vatican Roles In Their Roman Catholic Hierarchical Stake In Satans Rule Over The Earth And The NWOs Worldwide Operation Pedophilia, Much Has Been Made Of The Jesuit Order Controlling Pope Francis As The First Jesuit Pope The Jesuit Black Pope And His Legions In The Jesuit Order Are Said To Control The White Pope, The Knights Of Malta, Opus Dei, Knights Of Columbus And The Dozens Of Other Secret Societies Including The CIA, Freemasons, The Illuminati And Their Satanic Family Bloodlines The Devils Earthly Pecking Order Starts With Lucifer Translated The Light Bearer Who Became Satan The Fallen Angel, And All Of Satans Demonic, Other Worldly, Interdimensional Forces Deceitfully Deployed As Both Anti God And Anti Human WMDs Summoning Dark Demonic Supernatural Forces Through Black Occult Rituals Dating Back To The Birth Of Cabala In Babylon During The Th Century BC Are Still Being Used Today For World Domination By Satans Devoted Puppets, A Handful Of Powerful Sub Humanoid Creatures David Icke And Many Others Maintain Are Descendants Of Reptilian ET Hybrids A Most Divisive, Pervasive Online Debate Pits As The Power Pyramid Kingpins The Jesuit Order Vs Jews Represented Collectively By The Likes Of R The Most Powerful Jews And Jesuits Are Both Running This World As One And The Same Entity Under Their Unifying Umbrella Satanism, Satanists Deceptively Wear Various Brand Name Labels, Very Few Being Out Of Closet Satanists A Fact Based History Of The Jesuit Order Shows That The Th Century Founders Were Crypto Sephardic Jews Who Were Illuminati Disciples In Spain Calling Themselves The Alumbrados, Whose Talmudic Cabalistic Occult Beliefs Elevate Men Enlightened By Secret Knowledge To Earthly God Status The Luciferian Worshippers Known As The Alumbrados Were Outlawed In Spain, And One Of Their Soldiers Crippled In Battle For Life, One Ignatius Of Loyola During The Inquisition While Healing From His War Wound Decided To Reinvent Himself And His Satanic Beliefs, Infiltrating Catholicism And Proclaiming Himself The First Jesuit Supreme General In Jesuss Oraptly Satans Army He Named The Society Of Jesus, Not Unlike The Greedy Private Central Banksters Deceptively Calling Themselves The US Federal Reserve Early In The Last Century Declaring War On Protestant Reformation, The Catholic Church Backed His Counter Reformation Military Order For Jesus