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#FREE PDF ⚞ Children of Blood and Bone ¿ Winner Of The Audie Award For Audiobook Of The Year This Program Is Narrated By Acclaimed Reader Bahni Turpin, Whose Past Work Includes The Hate U Give And The Underground Railroad In Children Of Blood And Bone, Tomi Adeyemi Conjures A Stunning World Of Dark Magic And Danger In Her West African Inspired Fantasy Debut They Killed My MotherThey Took Our MagicThey Tried To Bury UsNow We Rise Z Lie Adebola Remembers When The Soil Of Or Sha Hummed With Magic Burners Ignited Flames, Tiders Beckoned Waves, And Z Lie S Reaper Mother Summoned Forth Souls But Everything Changed The Night Magic Disappeared Under The Orders Of A Ruthless King, Maji Were Killed, Leaving Z Lie Without A Mother And Her People Without Hope Now Z Lie Has One Chance To Bring Back Magic And Strike Against The Monarchy With The Help Of A Rogue Princess, Z Lie Must Outwit And Outrun The Crown Prince, Who Is Hell Bent On Eradicating Magic For Good Danger Lurks In Or Sha, Where Snow Leoponaires Prowl And Vengeful Spirits Wait In The Waters Yet The Greatest Danger May Be Z Lie Herself As She Struggles To Control Her Powers And Her Growing Feelings For An Enemy I have been anticipating Children of Blood and Bone since I heard about it last fall I was a little worried that I would be disappointed because I was looking forward to it so much I finished it this morning and if anything, I was too reserved in my excitement It is exactly the kind of sweeping fantasy that I love, and it has so many layers that give it much deeper meaning I hate spoilers, so all I will say about the plot is that I love Tomi Adeyemi s choices and where she took each of the characters Unless you ve seen or read interviews with the author, it s important read the author s note at the end of the book, which gives the story a modern context That context makes the story even meaningful I really enjoyed her writing, and I was on the edge of my seat for most of the book Even when things seemed to be going well, I felt like I couldn t let my guard down, which is surely intentional.I love that women were central to the story, and I appreciate the way that the relationship between Z lie and Amari developed It is an empowering story on many levels I don t think I ve ever read a fantasy or science fiction book where ALL the characters were Black, and I tried to make sure I pictured the characters as the author intended, occasionally catching myself and having to re draw a character in my head.As someone who pretty much never re reads a book, I will be reading this one again And of course, I am already anticipating the sequel I can t wait to find out what happens and I m hoping we get to meet of the different clans I also really hope they get the movie right, because it could be amazing on the big screen.I ve read some pretty good books in the past year, but this is without a doubt my favorite. I completely expected to love this book Then, after a few chapters, I wanted to like this book, but, ultimately, my reaction is kinda Somewhere between meh and annoyance The characters were a bit flat They started out promising but were never lived up to their own promise In fact they declined, steadily mostly because they mostly stayed the same and had the same inner dialogue the ENTIRE book Even the character that seems to change the most is so wishy washy in his change that I found myself rolling my eyes than anything And the magic seems mostly arbitrary and flimsy and used to the plot s convenience to be rendered wholly uninteresting and arguably annoying The pacing is weird Is this supposed to be action packed or cerebral It tried to be both, but I found myself skimming through action scenes and mentally tuning out most of the time I m so bummed because the premise was so interesting and intriguing But for me, this was wholly disappointing. Such a good book I m an adult Like, grown I am also a fan of Harry Potter and Tahereh Mafi, which I read as a child through college, and last year, respectively To be fair, I buy books for my niece and read them quickly before I give them to her as gifts so we can discuss them together an activity I enjoy immensely As a black woman who loves the fantasy genre, Adeyemi is my new hero for creating a world that draws its richness and depth from West Africa We have a class of oppressed people who have gifts that the oppressors are afraid of a theme so relevant to life today as a Diasporan in America I remember reading an article that spoke of implicit bias and the belief that some people have that black people are magical and have almost super human strength, and that those were seen as reasons to justify fear of black bodies Adeyemi throws that on its head, and I can t wait to read and see what happens next in Or sha, and I can t wait to hear what my niece thinks of the book blackgirlmagic