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!FREE BOOK ☧ Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI ♷ From New Yorker Staff Writer David Grann, New York Times Best Selling Author Of The Lost City Of Z, A Twisting, Haunting True Life Murder Mystery About One Of The Most Monstrous Crimes In American History In The S The Richest People Per Capita In The World Were Members Of The Osage Indian Nation In Oklahoma After Oil Was Discovered Beneath Their Land, They Rode In Chauffeured Automobiles, Built Mansions, And Sent Their Children To Study In Europe Then, One By One, The Osage Began To Be Killed Off The Family Of An Osage Woman, Mollie Burkhart, Became A Prime Target Her Relatives Were Shot And Poisoned And It Was Just The Beginning, As And Members Of The Tribe Began To Die Under Mysterious Circumstances In This Last Remnant Of The Wild West Where Oilmen Like J P Getty Made Their Fortunes And Where Desperadoes Like Al Spencer, The Phantom Terror , Roamed Many Of Those Who Dared To Investigate The Killings Were Themselves Murdered As The Death Toll Climbed To Than , The FBI Took Up The Case It Was One Of The Organization S First Major Homicide Investigations, And The Bureau Badly Bungled The Case In Desperation The Young Director, J Edgar Hoover, Turned To A Former Texas Ranger Named Tom White To Unravel The Mystery White Put Together An Undercover Team, Including One Of The Only American Indian Agents In The Bureau The Agents Infiltrated The Region, Struggling To Adopt The Latest Techniques Of Detection Together With The Osage They Began To Expose One Of The Most Chilling Conspiracies In American History In Killers Of The Flower Moon, David Grann Revisits A Shocking Series Of Crimes In Which Dozens Of People Were Murdered In Cold Blood Based On Years Of Research And Startling New Evidence, The Book Is A Masterpiece Of Narrative Nonfiction, As Each Step In The Investigation Reveals A Series Of Sinister Secrets And Reversals But Than That, It Is A Searing Indictment Of The Callousness And Prejudice Toward American Indians That Allowed The Murderers To Operate With Impunity For So Long Killers Of The Flower Moon Is Utterly Compelling But Also Emotionally Devastating Author David Grann spent years doing research and uncovering new evidence in writing Killers of the Flower Moon Since I was a fan of his from reading The Lost City of Z, I expected this latest book to be the sort of non fiction I love the kind that reads like the best fiction I was not disappointed What I did not expect was just how infuriated I would become by reading it.Having been a huge horse racing fan when I was a teenager, I knew about the wealth of the Osage Nation in the 1920s One of the Osage owned a winner of the Kentucky Derby But that knowledge was just cursory I had no idea how rich the Osage really were, and I certainly didn t have a clue that the government didn t trust them with all that money I should not have been so naive It had to madden many whites that, although they d shoved the Osage onto a piece of land they deemed unfit for themselves, oil would be discovered and the Osage would turn out to be the wealthiest people in the world The one way they had of trying to horn in on this wealth was by declaring that the Osage were not fit to use their own money wisely In many cases whites were put in charge of the families money, and they gave their wards allowances and themselves large fees for their business knowledge.Why on earth should I be so surprised that this greed would escalate to murder It is the natural progression after all To this day, the Osage have trust issues, and who can blame them They tried to get dozens of murders investigated, but instead the killings were covered up What Grann did in Killers of the Flower Moon was to dig deeper and deeper and expose just how huge the problem actually was As I read, words like horrifying, unspeakable, and several others flashed through my mind This is an uncomfortable read for anyone with a conscience nevertheless, it is a fascinating and important one Review copy courtesy of NetGalley I loved Grann s The Lost City of Z so I was eager to try this Unfortunately, it was drab in its telling I m glad I ve finished it, though It s a fascinating important story, that shows the appalling extent of exploitation that Native Americans endured.The first three quarters of the book are spent in minute details That was interesting, but too long That case had little to do with the birth of the FBI, other than it was one of their first if not the first investigation and coincided with the rise to power of J Edgar Hoover The final quarter rushes through the implications and unsolved mysteries of the murders, then the book abruptly ends.In short, far too much detail about one case, then not enough detail about what it all meant and the larger picture.Not terrible, but unlike The Lost City of Z, not great.Larry Nocellaauthor of Razor Wire Karma a novel, available on Well researched and written Sadly a true story A testimonial to greed and arrogance Well worth reading. Since the 17th century, the Osage tribe claimed land from Missouri west to the Rockies With the Louisiana Purchase, the tribe was forced to cede land to accommodate the flood of western expansion In Chronicle One of Grann s book, the history of the tribe is laid out By the 1870 s, what remained of the Osage tribe settled in NE Oklahoma because their chief deemed the land too hilly for white settlers to want to file claims there The tribe negotiated with the Department of the Interior that any reservation land used for oil drilling or mining, had to be leased from the tribe and that the full blooded Osage would share in any profits from these natural resources Logs where kept of Osage tribe members and indeed, when oil gushed from leased reservation land, head rights were claimed The Osage tribe were among the wealthiest people in the country Starting in 1921, Osage tribal members began to die Some were shot in the head while others suffered from a mysterious wasting disease Many suspected murder and lived in fear of who might be next.Chronicle Two describes in detail the role of the Bureau of Investigation the early FBI to unravel the murders during what became known as the Reign of Terror The Bureau was formed under Teddy Roosevelt in 1909 By 1924, J Edger Hoover became head of the Bureau He wanted to highlight the expertise of the Bureau by solving the Osage murders He hired a former Texas Ranger, Tom White, to lead the investigation The reader discovers clues along with White as he methodically collects evidence and interrogates witnesses and suspects This is the most exciting part of the book Many, but not all of the culprits are brought to justice.How are the Osage doing now This is the gist of Chronicle Three and it is, unfortunately, the weakest part of the story Grann checks in with the descendants of some of the murdered Osage Their sense of unease and lack of justice is palpable The oil has dried up and the tribal population has diminished Some press Grann to help them bring closure to the holes in their family histories But the ancestors are in their graves along with the murderers and the paper trail is weak or inconclusive As Grann runs out of answers, this reader ran out of interest It is a compelling and important story up to this point Now that wind turbines dot the prairie of the Osage reservation, their future seems as bleak as their past and the lack of justice seems as limited as their future Despite Grann s extensive notes and lists of resources, the reader is left, like the Osage themselves, with questions than answers.