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The book, itself, is written in such a way that even the most mechanically inept people can understand what, why, and how what happened happened, but those with a background in mechanics will find this book just as interesting, due to the little nuggets throughout the book that prove interesting to those with a working knowledge of submarines This IS a book that should be considered a must read if you want to know about the incidents surrounding the doomed submarine.People with a background in history will also be interested in this book, because of the story BEHIND the scenes, so to speak the story of how the politicos in Moscow tried to tamp down the disaster That was what caught me by surprise the most the fact that it seemed like this all happened in 1980 s Russia, rather than the Russia of the 2000 s This IS just MY opinion, but Putin bungled the whole incident, and I didn t have a single nice thing to say about him after reading this book, but that s probably a discussion best had in a totally different forum. This telling really examines the story of the sinking of the Typhoon sub Kurst and the loss of all aboard The pitiful state of the Russian military in the 90s is really the culprit responsible for the disaster and the inability to respond to the situation Much of the book is a reconstruction of the events base on the evidence retrieved after the sub was raised The incompetence and secrecy of the Russian system but eventually accountability was delivered to many of those responsible for this disaster but the real culprit was the desire to have a viable military without the money to actually do it safely. Not sure what drew me to this book some 12 years after the event Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remembered hearing about the disaster and I also remembered some eerie pictures I d seen of the Kursk sitting on the ocean floor.Robert Moore has done a bang up job of piecing together the loss of one of Russia s most prized submarine s The Kursk, and put it into language that all of us can understand.The book tells us about the conditions on the base where the crew and their families lived Also he outlines the limited resources and archaic equipment the men had to work with He goes on to explain how budgets related to rescue had been systematically slashed year after year The Kursk represented the cutting edge in stealth and attack but, ironically, should it encounter failure, the equipment to save the crew dated back to the 50 s or earlier.Moore sets the timeline for the military exercise the Kursk was involved in on the day of disaster Following failure to receive communications from the Kursk, ideas started to form there was a problem Slowly the wheels of Russia started to turn and even slower acceptance of the realization that something was wrong Help from Britain, Norway and the USA was initially declined by Russia due to distrust and the need to maintain secrecy Meanwhile, men were dying horrible deaths in an impenetrable tomb some 360 feet below the surface of the Berents sea.Moore tells us about the families of the men receiving contradictory reports and deliberate stonewalling by the authorities He also tells us how offers of help using far advanced equipment were viewed skeptically and declined for days by the higher ups in Moscow.Eventually, Norwegian and British divers got the hatch open on the Kursk and here the book, for me, became very gripping Moore s writing does a wonderful job of putting you at the scene also, the writing puts you in the 9th compartment of the sub where the 23, who survived the catastrophic explosion, were huddled awaiting rescue.The book is written in laymen s terms and adequately details the events of a sad day for humanity as, undoubtedly, the value of Iron, steel, secrecy and politics were placed higher in value than the lives of men. Great job in piecing together the circumstances behind the accidental explosions and sinking of the Kursk Book exposes the overall disrepair and poor condition of the Russian Navy at the turn of the century 2000 The book also exposes politically based coverups attempted on many levels in the Russian Navy and government Delays caused by political resistance against Norwegian and UK involvement in the rescue attempt likely prevented the rescue of 30 or Russian submariners. I was elated to see the story of this tragedy offered and have found it engrossing I hope and trust that the information provided is honest and the best that could be obtained I find this a reminder of the true value of our service members and how much reliance must be placed on all levels of support, from politicians who make overlying decisions, all the way to the end users This tragedy could have been totally avoided It was an accident that need not have happened at all but for the irresponsibility and maybe greed from the top. This is a gripping tale that compelled my undivided attention from cover to cover It is both uplifting and heartbreaking, particularly if you have naval experience As a US naval officer, years ago, I had the privilege to meet some Russian naval officers and this book portrays well my recollection of their heart for life and service The book also portrays the many challenges of navy family life above the Arctic Circle Sadly, this saga unfolds in the context of the post Cold War Russian military mindset which, from the book s account, seems to place self interest above the integrity and service that the Russian Navy as well as the Russian people have a right to expect. {Free Pdf} ⚢ A Time to Die: The Untold Story of the Kursk Tragedy ⚪ On A Quiet Saturday Morning In August , Two Explosions One So Massive It Was Detected By Seismologists Around The World Shot Through The Shallow Arctic Waters Of The Barents Sea Russia S Prized Submarine, The Kursk, Began Her Fatal Plunge To The Ocean Floor Award Winning Journalist Robert Moore Presents A Riveting, Brilliantly Researched Account Of The Deadliest Submarine Disaster In History Journey Down Into The Heart Of The Kursk To Witness The Last Hours Of The Young Men Who Survived The Initial Blasts Visit The Highly Restricted Arctic Submarine Base To Which Moore Obtained Secret Admission, Where The Families Of The Crew Clad For News Of Their Loved Ones