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Is a nice guide for success But the author promote his seminars about a hundred times throurough the whole book, so it gets a little anoying after a little while. #Download Pdf ⚜ The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth ¿ The Co Creator Of The Chicken Soup Series, Mark Victor Hansen, And The Personal Finance Author, Robert Allen, Have Come Together In A Collaboration That Combines Inspiration With Know How Uniquely Organized, The One Minute Millionaire Combines Fiction And Nonfiction To Show The Way To True Wealth Half The Book Is A Fable About A Woman Faced With A Terrible Dilemma Michelle Must Earn A Million Dollars In Days To Keep Her Family Together In The Other Half, Complementing The Fable Point For Point, Are Brilliant Nuts And Bolts Millionaire Minutes Summaries Of Attitudes, Strategies, And Techniques For Building Wealth, Lessons Michelle Needs To Act Upon To Reach Her Goal By Bringing These Right And Left Brain Approaches Together, Hansen And Allen Show How To Overcome Fears And Doubts And Leap Over The Roadblocks That Limit Potential Both Authors Have Earned Multiple Millions Through Their Careers With The One Minute Millionaire They Want To Share Their Knowledge To Bring Out The Enlightened Millionaire They Believe Exists In Everyone I purchased this 10 CD unabridged set used through and am so glad that I did I had the book and did not finish reading it because I could not get into the story mixed with self help format I popped this into my CD player on the way to work and I was hooked from the first minute On this CD I found concise information on the mindset that we all need to adopt to create a wealthier life I also found real how to techniques THEN they began to tell the story of a young woman who had to come up with 1 million dollars in 90 days or lose her children forever I was hooked The dramatic renditions were very enjoyable and they way they wound wealth creation principles into the story was creative This is one of the best self help CD sets I own. I bought this book on a whim and it was one of the best decisions I ve ever made The decision became even enjoyable due to the fact that this is actually two books in one an enjoyable novel based on a womans struggle to earn 1,000,000 in 90 days combined with a book on how to invest properly in and for your own future It s well written, thought provoking and a light read you won t feel burdened reading The One Minute Millionaire.The book as a whole follows the basic premise of What if you invested 1 a day for the next 60 years what would it be worth All too often we forget the value of money itself Not only do we forget the value of money,from childhood, onwards we are often told money is evil and the pursuit of money is greed The One Minute Millionaire teaches us that money is not evil but is a resource that we can all use to make the lives of those around us better It s only when we don t share the wealth that money becomes evil.I enjoyed every moment of this book and after having read it felt inspired enough to go and pursue my own financial goals I ve cut back on silly expenditures 140 per month , have started my own web based business and started saving money properly I m amazed at how this book made me look at my financial life.I can t recommend The One Minute Millionaire enough It can help people who spend with no thought money can burn a hole in my pocket if I don t spend it to add structure to our lives For those who are financially better off it can teach you that giving is getting.Enjoy and I hope you benefit from reading this book as much as I did.Niall Roche Make money and be a good guy doing it We used this book for a couple of years for training in our sales office and got a lot of good out of it It was always well received. You ve heard about both these guys and you ve probably read one of their books Robert Allen of No Money Down fame and Mark Victor Hansen co creator of the 80 million plus book phenomenon Chicken Soup for insert the blank Soul These two have teamed up for quite an unusual book The One Minute Millionaire is actually two books in one The left side pages give you the standard HOW TO book spiel and the right side pages offer up a heart warming, but instructional story of a mother named Michelle.The Michelle story takes you through the sudden death of her husband and how her in laws seek and get custody of her children Over the course of a few weeks Michelle loses her home and is forced to move away to support herself She all but gives up on the chance of getting her kids back until she meets her millionaire mentor After a brief tutoring session with Sam, Michelle decides to make a bet with her father in law The bet she needs to earn a million bucks in 90 days or lose her children forever.Yep, you read that right a cool million in 90 days or she loses visitation rights Talk about getting leverage on yourself The rest of the story is fast paced and you can t help but get caught up in the ups and downs of Michelle s progress toward the million bucks The story was a bit unbelievable a million bucks in 90 days , but maybe not if you think about all those Internet ads promising instant riches grin In all seriousness, the motivational story, complete with rapid fire techniques for building a business and getting into real estate is worth the money you ll pay for the book.Butwe re not talking about just one book This is two books in one If you re very familiar with Robert Allen s books, most of the material in the How To portion of the book the left side pages will not be new, but it reinforces his methods and techniques of building a business, buying real estate and using the power of the Internet to get rich While Michelle is able to achieve millionaire status in 90 days, don t expect to do the same The How To portion of the book is good, but doesn t contain too many specifics I believe the intention of the authors was to focus on exposing the mindset of millionaires, not to discuss the specific steps That aside, you can definitely put the techniques in this book into practice in real life I myself started the very day I finished reading the book Bottom Line A quick read that is both motivational and filled with enough ideas to get your head spinning toward riches, but the book isn t just about getting rich monetarily It teaches you the importance of helping others and giving back to charities and your community An important lesson indeed.This book makes my Top 15 book list.fabmanRead to Exceed your Limits tI was a little skeptic about the One Minute Millionaire, but the book surprise me Two different methods of writing, one for the left side of the brain and one for the right side of the brain complemets each other making this book a must read.The only thing that I didn t like in the book is some assumptions that are made by the authors They sugest in the book that is easy to get access to mentors and to people that are willing to lend money to you.Nevertheless, I highly recomend this book because it teachs some values that normaly people forget Tia is one of my favorite self help books it pulled me into the story right away and took me on the journey to wealth It was amazing Then I learned about the universe and realized this is the perfect roadmap to success Happy reading.