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(DOWNLOAD EPUB) ï Mastering the C17 STL: Make full use of the standard library components in C17 õ eBook or E-pub free

I decided to write this review because I was saddened by one of the reviews the book received I received this book as a present and I find myself going back to this book again and again This is a book for developers that wish to acquire a better understanding of what lies beneath STL components You might benefit from this book in case you started writing generic code Reading this book requires some concentration this is not a quick C 17 STL reference The book deals with the following topics classical polymorphism vs generic programming, iterators and ranges, containers, vocabulary types, smart pointers, concurrency, allocators, iostreams, regular expressions, random numbers and the filesystem I am not through the entire book yet, but I particularly liked the chapter on C 17 vocabulary types e.g delaying initialization with std optional , as well as the chapter on concurrency e.g std async implementation I also follow the blog of the author and I very much like his insights recently e.g on std stringview I am giving this book 4 stars only because I wish it was a bit practical. Garbage book Cheaply explained chapters that don t give full context of the code and the illustrations look like fifth generation b w Xerox copies.Do yourself a good deed, skip this total garbage for Stroustrup upcoming 2nd edition of Tour of C that covers C 17 and when Meyers decides to write a new edition of Effective STL that covers C 17 I ve seen a pattern recently where most of Packt Pub books titled Mastering of are super cheaply detailed in their subject material I will definitely order refund for this book. (DOWNLOAD EPUB) Æ Mastering the C17 STL: Make full use of the standard library components in C17 » Arthur O Dwyer Has Used Modern C In His Day Job For About Ten Years Since The Days When Modern C Meant Classic C Between And He Worked On The Green Hills C Compiler Since He Has Organized A Weekly C Meetup In The San Francisco Bay Area, And He Speaks Regularly On Topics Such As Those To Be Found In This Book Later This Year, He Will Attend An ISO C Committee Meeting For The Second TimeThis Is His First Book