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Stimulated by watching a complete series of videos on Youtube, I decided to have her book too, but I found the book too difficult to follow and with a certain coldness in style So this is why I put just one star More objectively, if you are looking for a very deep insight of chakras and connections with other energetic systems in different religions, it is a very good work. I read this book with interest It is well written What disturbs me about this book, however, is the author s view that some illnesses were not intended to be healed One might retort, why What proof is there of this assertion I much prefer the book by Frederick Bailes, Your Mind Can Heal You, which explains why all disease can be healed, which is of course exactly the teaching of the greatest mental scientist who ever lived, Jesus Christ In that book, the author explains the fundamental need of all to realise that the universal spirit is perfect, and knows no disease, and is present in all, but generally not recognized Once one appreciates this fact and realises that disease is the result of error of mind, and that once we accept that the universal spirit dwells in all, all disease can be healed You may disagree, but you should read Bailes book first. J ai bcp aim un tr s bel instrument pour l volution de la connaissance personnelle sur la Vie SubtileA lire et reparcourir souventJe l ai offert plusieurs ami e sMerci Caroline Myss After digesting this complex book and her other lectures free on Utube I feel two different conclusions for myself as a result First, I think she tried very hard to SELF empower those who are ill or needing to re arrange their lives to have fulfillment and meaning by creating a sort of road map to check and heal yourself Second, I feel she is rooted in Roman Catholicism so her lens for the world goes through this filter to make sense Although in later lectures she denies Jesus was the son of god and that he was just trying to show a WAY to live, heal, and thrive.and that she doesn t want anything to do with the church and all that dogmashe tries very hard to bring Christian, Jew and Buddhist Hindu together by drawing parallels in the 7 chakras, 7 sacraments, and the Jewish Kabbala tree of life She says she did not bring in Islam because she just didn t know enough about it but she could have also brought in Mohammed s journey through the 7 Heavens.She tries to bring these paths into one format that of showing a WAY to see yourself and the world by each level or chakra s influence on us, the way we have molded our lives and bodies in response to what has happened along the way, and how we keep traumas in our cells to either wreak havoc or propel us forward in life.In that way she makes some excellent comparisons and shares many stories to illustrate her points without the personal stories of others going through what she is teaching about in that section of the book it would have been a VERY dry read.She has a reputation as a no nonsense Teacher watch her stinging comments on u tube to people taking her workshops She is blunt and doesn t fool around Yet the Christian way of seeing the world is her lens angels, etc influence her profoundly I have come to the conclusion that her popularity is somewhat like Paramahansa Yogananda s popularity in the 1920 s he came from India and brought Yoga to the West and mixed it with Christianity a brilliant way to get the Western mind to OPEN to new ideas In turn, Caroline does the same, blending these three religious paths in a common ground sort of way to bring her points to fruition Namely, that WE have road maps from religions all around us that have been sort of lost in translation and the points to show us a way to live in health on all levels spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally have been forgotten or covered up in ritual and dogma.That is very interesting and the book takes WORK to follow the suggestions for each level or chakra To look within and figure yourself out and make changesShe has a good grasp of healing, yet her system is still too rigid for my taste It stays within the confines of accepted religious thought and that is its appeal to those a bit frightened to venture outside the norm As I said a brilliant move to get western minds to OPEN.For those wanting to look within with a ROADMAP TO FOLLOW and figure out what s wrong with your health or life in general it is a workbook, and a good one I recommend her lectures on u tube over the book however, because she HAS CHANGED HER STANCE ON HEALING SINCE THIS WAS WRITEN IN THE 1990 S Watch her recent lectures to see that she now acknowledges that we do NOT cause EVERYTHING in our lives that acts of God etc are just what happensshe has matured spiritually over the years So read the bok AND watch her newer stuff to get a balanced view But do keep in mind where she herself is coming from The Christian saints are her upbringings perspective so keep that in mind too.Aloha This book if full of amazing insights from years of experience I d never looked into the chakras, but Myss in integrating thinking about chakras with Christianity and Kabbala sheds a wonderful light without laying any dogma doctrine on the reader and you see the spiritual pattern clearly The overall goal of the book is to help you toward spiritual, as opposed to material, perception, and it s nicely fulfilled. I had severe stomach pain for the last year Although I have PTSD and have frequently discovered physical pain to be the result of unreleased buried energy, not organic conditions, I am always sure when something new pops up that it s cancer or M.S or an ulcer I went to an energy healer and she had me visualize my solar plexus chakra I never did this before Never worked with chakras Couldn t see them Couldn t feel them But I visualized it, saw a big rod sticking out, asked my deceased father to remove it, which he did, and I have had no stomach pain since.I am now a believer in the reality of chakras and this is a fantastic, inspiring book about them It also has plenty of stories about healing, spiritual development and personal transformations as a result of crises.Highly recommended. I like this book but I found it hard to read if one is not family at with the Chakras The author provided good descriptions of each but unless you memorize them it s hard to follow when she refers to them again and again in the book Overall I found the book to be really helpful and will read from this author. {Read} É Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing Î Chapter Energy Medicine And Intuition I Disappoint Some People When I Discuss Intuition Because I Firmly Believe That Intuitive Or Symbolic Sight Is Not A Gift But A Skill Based In Self Esteem Developing This Skill And A Healthy Sense Of Self Becomes Easier When You Can Think In The Words, Concepts, And Principles Of Energy Medicine So As You Read This Chapter, Think Of Learning To Use Intuition As Learning To Interpret The Language Of Energy The Human Energy Field Everything That Is Alive Pulsates With Energy And All Of This Energy Contains Information While It Is Not Surprising That Practitioners Of Alternative Or Complementary Medicine Accept This Concept, Even Some Quantum Physicists Acknowledge The Existence Of An Electromagnetic Field Generated By The Bodys Biological Processes Scientists Accept That The Human Body Generates Electricity Because Living Tissue Generates Energy Your Physical Body Is Surrounded By An Energy Field That Extends As Far Out As Your Outstretched Arms And The Full Length Of Your Body It Is Both An Information Center And A Highly Sensitive Perceptual System We Are Constantly In Communication With Everything Around Us Through This System, Which Is A Kind Of Conscious Electricity That Transmits And Receives Messages To And From Other Peoples Bodies These Messages From And Within The Energy Field Are What Intuitives Perceive Practitioners Of Energy Medicine Believe That The Human Energy Field Contains And Reflects Each Individuals Energy It Surrounds Us And Carries With Us The Emotional Energy Created By Our Internal And External Experiences Both Positive And Negative This Emotional Force Influences The Physical Tissue Within Our Bodies In This Way Your Biography That Is, The Experiences That Make Up Your Life Becomes Your Biology Experiences That Carry Emotional Energy In Our Energy Systems Include Past And Present Relationships, Both Personal And Professional Profound Or Traumatic Experiences And Memories And Belief Patterns And Attitudes, Including All Spiritual And Superstitious Beliefs The Emotions From These Experiences Become Encoded In Our Biological Systems And Contribute To The Formation Of Our Cell Tissue, Which Then Generates A Quality Of Energy That Reflects Those Emotions These Energy Impressions Form An Energy Language, Which Carries Literal And Symbolic Information That A Medical Intuitive Can Read Here Is An Example Of The Kind Of Message The Energy Field May Communicate Lets Say You Had Some Trouble With Math When You Were In Elementary School Knowing The Fact That Twelve Makes A Dozen Would Not Ordinarily Carry An Emotional Charge Such As Would Alter The Health Of Cell Tissues On The Other Hand, If You Were Humiliated By The Teacher Because You Didnt Know That Fact, The Experience Would Carry An Emotional Charge That Would Create Cellular Damage, Especially If You Were To Dwell On That Memory Through Adulthood Or Use It As A Touchstone For Determining How To Deal With Criticism, Or Authority Figures, Or Education, Or Failure An Intuitive Might Pick Up The Literal Image Of Your Exchange With The Teacher Or Any Other Negative Symbol Linked To That Experience Positive Images And The Energy Of Positive Experiences Are Also Held In The Energy Field Think Of A Time When Someone Praised You For A Job Well Done, Or A Kind Act, Or For Some Help You Gave Someone You Feel A Positive Energy Surge Of Personal Power Within Your Body Positive And Negative Experiences Register A Memory In Cell Tissue As Well As In The Energy Field As Neurobiologist Dr Candace Pert Has Proven, Neuropeptides The Chemicals Triggered By Emotions Are Thoughts Converted Into Matter Our Emotions Reside Physically In Our Bodies And Interact With Our Cells And Tissues In Fact, Dr Pert Can No Longer Separate The Mind From The Body, She Says, Because The Same Kinds Of Cells That Manufacture And Receive Emotional Chemistry In The Brain Are Present Throughout The Body Sometimes The Body Responds Emotionally And Manufactures Emotional Chemicals Even Before The Brain Has Registered A Problem Remember, For Instance, How Quickly Your Body Reacts To A Loud Noise Before Youve Had Time To Think As Dr Pert Said On Bill Moyerss Healing And The Mind, Clearly, Theres Another Form Of Energy That We Have Not Yet Understood For Example, Theres A Form Of Energy That Appears To Leave The Body When The Body Dies Your Mind Is In Every Cell Of Your Body Moyers Youre Saying That My Emotions Are Stored In My Body Pert Absolutely You Didnt Realize That There Are Many Phenomena That We Cant Explain Without Going Into Energy Reading The Field In Addition To Reading Specific Dramatic Childhood Experiences, Sometimes An Intuitive Can Even Pick Up On Superstitions, Personal Habits, Behavior Patterns, Moral Beliefs, And Preferences In Music And Literature At Other Times The Energy Impressions Are Symbolic For Instance, From One Patient Who Was Suffering From Tightness Of Breath, I Kept Receiving The Symbolic Impression Of Him Being Shot In The Heart Before A Firing Squad Obviously This Had Not Literally Happened To Him, But He Had Undergone Extensive Medical Tests, Which Could Locate No Known Physical Cause For His Condition After I Shared My Impression With Him, He Told Me That His Wife Had Betrayed Him Several Times With Other Men, And Being Shot Through The Heart Was Exactly How He Felt About Her Actions By Admitting These Emotions, Which He Had Previously Tried To Ignore, He Was Able To Address The Problems Both In His Marriage And In His Health Our Emotional Energy Converts Into Biological Matter Through A Highly Complex Process Just As Radio Stations Operate According To Specific Energy Wavelengths, Each Organ And System In The Body Is Calibrated To Absorb And Process Specific Emotional And Psychological Energies That Is, Each Area Of The Body Transmits Energy On A Specific, Detailed Frequency, And When We Are Healthy, All Are In Tune An Area Of The Body That Is Not Transmitting At Its Normal Frequency Indicates The Location Of A Problem A Change In Intensity Of The Frequency Indicates A Change In The Nature And Seriousness Of The Illness And Reveals The Stress Pattern That Has Contributed To The Development Of The Illness This Way Of Interpreting The Bodys Energy Is Sometimes Called Vibrational Medicine It Resembles The Most Ancient Medical Practices And Beliefs, From Chinese Medicine To Indigenous Shamanic Practices To Virtually Every Folk Or Alternative Therapy The Truth Is That Energy Medicine Is Not New But I Believe My Interpretation Of It And Of How You Can Use It To Heal Spiritually In Conjunction With Contemporary Medical Treatments Is Unique If A Person Is Able To Sense Intuitively That He Or She Is Losing Energy Because Of A Stressful Situation And Then Acts To Correct That Loss Of Energy Then The Likelihood Of That Stress Developing Into A Physical Crisis Is Reduced, If Not Eliminated Completely While I Can Parse The Language Of Energy For You So That You Can Begin To See And Feel The Human Energy Field, Begin To Understand Its Corresponding Spiritual Anatomy, Begin To Know The Sources Of Your Personal Power, And Begin To Develop Your Own Intuition, I Have Some Trouble Explaining Exactly How I Personally Acquire Energy Information Other Intuitives Appear To Have The Same Difficulty, But We All Pick Up On Information That Has The Strongest Impulse The Most Intensity These Impulses Usually Relate Directly To The Part Of The Body That Is Becoming Weakened Or Diseased As A Rule, A Persons Energy System Transmits Only The Information That Is Essential To Bring The Conscious Mind To An Awareness Of The Imbalance Or Disease Like The Shot In The Heart Image, Symbolic Information Can Sometimes Be Disturbing But This Intensity Is Necessary In Order That The Bodys Message Can Break Through The Habitual Mental Or Emotional Patterns That Caused The Disease To Form In The First Place Medical Intuitions Cooperate With The Bodys Intention To Promote Its Own Health And Life That Is, Our Energy Will Always Seek Health, In Spite Of What We May Do To Ourselves Physically If, For Example, We Tell A Lie, Our Energy Field Will Often Communicate To The Other Person The Energy Fact That We Are Not Telling The Truth Energy Does Not And Cannot Lie Stay With Your First Impression When You Receive An Intuitive Impression About Yourself Or The Person You Are Reading, Pay Attention To Whatever Image Comes Up Most People Are Looking For Safe Intuitions, Not Healthy Ones, And Safe Insights, Not Healthy Insights, Because They Usually Want A Safe Passage Into The Future, Into The Unknown So You May Be Tempted To Dismiss A Disturbing Image That You Receive, Or One That Is Not Congruent With Your Own Desires Or Those Of The Person You Are Reading Most People Who Come To Me For An Evaluation Have Already Intuited Themselves That Something Is Wrong, But They Are Hoping That I Will Give That Feeling Some Other Meaning, Such As Youre Merely Going Through A Natural Body Change, But Nothing Is Wrong With You PhysicallyBuilding On Wisdom From Hindu, Christian, And Kaballah Traditions, This Comprehensive Guide To Energy Healing Reveals The Hidden Stresses, Beliefs, And Attitudes That Cause Illness Anatomy Of The Spirit Is The Boldest Presentation Of Energy Medicine To Date, Written By One Of Its Premier Practitioners, Internationally Acclaimed Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss,who Is Amongstthe Hottest New Voices In The Alternative Health Spirituality Scene Publishers Weekly Based On Fifteen Years Of Research Into Energy Medicine, Dr Myss S Work Shows How Every Illness Corresponds To A Pattern Of Emotional And Psychological Stresses, Beliefs, And Attitudes That Have Influenced Corresponding Areas Of The Human Body Anatomy Of The Spirit Also Presents Dr Myss S Breakthrough Model Of The Body S Seven Centers Of Spiritual And Physical Power, In Which She Synthesizes The Ancient Wisdom Of Three Spiritual Traditions The Hindu Chakras, The Christian Sacraments, And The Kabbalah S Tree Of Life To Demonstrate The Seven Stages Through Which Everyone Must Pass In The Search For Higher Consciousness And Spiritual Maturity With This Model, Dr Myss Shows How You Can Develop Your Own Latent Powers Of Intuition As You Simultaneously Cultivate Your Personal Power And Spiritual GrowthBy Teaching You To See Your Body And Spirit In A New Way, Anatomy Of The Spirit Provides You With The Tools For Spiritual Maturity And Physical Wholeness That Will Change Your Life